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By Sara Storkin
Observer Staff Writer 

Did Janet Jackson Use an Islamic Burqa, to Disguise Her Lack of a Baby Bump?

No one seems to know how the 50 year old nasty girl became pregnant.


February 20, 2017

Janet Jackson with her husband, Wissam Al-mana, for whom the singer reportedly converted to Islam.

The blessed event of Janet Jackson and her husband of one year, Qatari Prince/ billionaire Wissam Al Mana, lifts and drops a question on your plate: How? Obvious as the question is, no journalist wants to be rude enough to ask her.

Pregnancies of women past the age of 50 achieved through sexual intercourse, are so rare that there is an article about them on Wikipedia. In the United States, between 1997 and 1999, 539 births were reported among mothers over age 50 (four per 100,000 births), with 194 being over 55. And that's all pregnancies. Wikipedia lists Janet Jackson first among noted elderly gravid pregnancies. Age: 50 years. Year: 2016 Mother: Janet Jackson Father: Wissam Al Mana, her husband "Nature of Conception: Unknown."

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of the former U.S. Senator and Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards, gave birth to son Jack in 2000 at the age of 51. The couple decided to have more children after one of their two children-a 16-year-old son-was killed in a car accident in 1996. Mrs. Edwards had also had a daughter, Emma Claire, at the age of 49. Some fertility experts believe she used donor's oocytes ; Elizabeth Edwards remained silent.

Nevertheless, women over 50 do occasionally have babies. American actress Adrienne Barbeau gave birth to twin sons, Walker Steven and William Dalton, on March 17, 1997, at the age of 51. After marrying Billy Van Zandt in 1992 she started trying have a child, tried in vitro fertilization unsuccessfully, but later became pregnant naturally.

JJ's conversion to Islam seems convenient. She got to wear long robes to hide the exact nature of that baby bump . Interestingly, JJ is rumored to have disguised a previous pregnancy. More about that anon.

"Facts about the conception of pregnancies in this age group can be difficult to determine," says Wikipedia, referring to moms after fifty, "but they are nearly always due to the use of IVF with donor eggs."

Remember also that this is the woman who, 14 years ago, told us all that she had had "A wardrobe malfunction" while dancing with Justin Timberlake, after baring her nipple on national TV. Michael Jackson's most famous sister is not easily shamed, and personally we wouldn't put it past her to just gain weight and tell us all she was with child.

"When we hear of any 50-year-old woman giving birth the general consensus in the OGBYN world is that women that used an in vitro egg or a donor egg from a time in the past," Famed OBGYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton told Inside Edition.

"Is Janet Jackson's new bundle of joy actually her second child?," wondered Inside Edition. They noted that for 32 years, rumors have circulated that the singer had a secret daughter with her first husband, musician James DeBarge.

They eloped in 1984 when she was just 18. Their marriage lasted one year before being dissolved.

Only People Magazine was allowed to photograph Janet Jackson "pregnant," and only at her home. Did the Nasty Girl Fool the Public Once Again?

In 2000, Inside Edition asked DeBarge whether he had a daughter with Jackson. He would neither confirm nor deny her existence. "I know for a fact that she was pregnant when she was with me," he said.

"I'm not going to say anything about if it's true or not," he said. "If it's true you'll find out when she's ready for you to find out."

Two months ago, DeBarge revealed more when he was confronted by another daughter, Kristinia, on the WeTV reality show, Growing Up Hip-Hop.

She asked her dad: "I read an article and it said that you came out and said that you have a daughter with Janet Jackson. Is this true?"

Kristinia said in a confessional in the episode: "This is a shock to me. My dad is now telling me that I have a half-sister and with Janet Jackson. Very, very, very just weird."

Jackson has never said a word about the child, but according to published reports, the girl's name is Renee and she was raised by the singer's older sister Rebbie.


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