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Here Are the States That Take the Most (And Least) Out of Your Paycheck

Study uncovers which states take the biggest and smallest bite out of your earnings


GOBankingRates examined all 50 U.S. states plus Washington, D.C., to find just how much Americans can expect to take home per paycheck based on a $50,000 salary and $100,000 salary.

Those earning $50,000 receive a bi-weekly paycheck of $1,923.08 before taxes; those with a salary of $100,000 receive $3,846.15.

The states that take the most out of your paycheck are...

If you're earning $50,000 annually:

- Hawaii ($542.24)

- Oregon ($538.05)

- Idaho ($528.93)

- South Carolina ($524.95)

- Minnesota ($515.93)

If you're earning $100,000 annually:

- Oregon ($1,340.95)

- California ($1,335.66)

- Hawaii ($1,324.69)

- Idaho ($1,301.83)

- Washington, D.C. ($1,297.83)

The states that take the least out of your paycheck - Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming - all have one thing in common: no state income tax.

With the exception of Alaska, these states take out just $402.93 per paycheck for residents making $50,000 annually. Residents making $100,000 will get $1,032.83 deducted.

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