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By Sarah Storkin
Observer Staff Writer 

Ten Reasons To Love Tiffany Trump, Despite Being the Black Sheep of the Family

Nevertheless, she may be the most popular of all the Trump kids!


Destined to always be the bridesmaid, never the bride?

Tiffany Trump is enormously popular, much more so than any other recent Presidential daughter. This despite not living in the White House, or being a mere half sister to her flashy siblings. Sweetness alone doesn't explain her magnetism, so here are the

Top Ten Reasons to Love Tiffany Trump, despite that fact that she's the black sheep of her family:

1.Tiffany's mom is Marla Maples, Trump's second wife, and Tiffany is the image of her mother. Apparently their relationship started as an affair when Trump was still married to Ivana. Once he was divorced, he and Marla got married, but marriage #2 was relatively short-lived. This fact alone makes her sympathetic, and magnifies her well adjusted girl next door personality.

2. Another thing that might explain her otherness, the other 4 Trump kids grew up on the East Coast whereas Tiffany grew up in California. If you've lived in California, you know it's a different culture than the Mid-Atlantic.

3. Like everything else great in life, she's here by accident. In the words of one Reddit post, "Marla Maples essentially sperm-jacked Trump; got pregnant while they were having an affair." Trump did the honorable thing and married Tiffany's mother, then said later he regretted leaving Ivana Trump, his first wife. "He only married her because she got pregnant with Tiffany. That's a pretty heavy load to carry for a child, and for the siblings to have to deal with the family being broken up for that reason." This both explains why Tiffany is the black sheep, and also why she is lovable.

4. She was named by her parents after Tiffany & Company (her father's purchase of the air rights above the store in the 1980s allowed him to build Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue).

5. Despite being in law school, 23 year old Tiffany doesn't seek power. This explains why you rarely see her in headlines. Power comes to her from her popularity, but she doesn't look for it.

6. She's totally overshadowed by her powerful sister Ivanka. I like Ivanka, too, in a professional career woman kind of way. But Ivanka has everything--a clothing line, a rich developer husband, an office in the West Wing (if she asked for it). All Tiff has is, well, a dorm room at Harvard Law School.

7. She seems so down-to-Earth. All of the Trump kids seem sensible. Even in Debate #2, Hillary acknowledged that he had nice children. But Tiffany is totally relatable. She's Spongebob Squarepants, even when her dad is being, well, Mr. Krabs.

8. Ivanka is friends with Chelsea Clinton. Despite all the stuff that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth, not to mention the stuff that came out of Hillary Clinton's. Gotta love the peacemakers!

She was named by her parents after Tiffany & Company. Her father's purchase of the air rights above the store in the 1980s allowed him to build Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

9. All those photos: Like the rest of us, she dreamed of being an actress or model. And we have so many nice photos to look at! Tiff posts to Instagram frequently. As of 2017, she had more than 715,000 followers. Her Instagram posts frequently include photographs of her with friends and fellow heirs and heiresses including Kyra Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; Gaïa Matisse, great-great-granddaughter of artist Henri Matisse; and E.J. Johnson, son of Magic Johnson. The group, whose posed photos are edited by Andrew Warren, has been named the "rich kids of Instagram" by the New York Post and the "Snap Pack" by The New York Times and New York magazine.

10. Face it, she's super cute! Tiffany could play an elf-princess in movies. Ivanka looks like a fashion model. That's not the same as looking like the girl next door! And here's a bonus reason:

11. Because she is the OTHER first daughter. She's the yang to Ivanka's yin; the chocolate to her vanilla, the Scully to her Mulder. She is the Avis to Ivanka's Hertz -- except she doesn't have to try harder, she doesn't have to try at all, and yet she does anyway. The other is always more interesting, N'est-ce pas? She is Marsha Brady; we project onto her our biggest worries, such as is she destined to always be the bridesmaid and never the bride? Are we, too?


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