SamoHi's Andre Zuczek, 15, Dies After Dropping LSD and Falling from Window

Mom wanted the public to know the circumstance, including drug abuse, as a warning to others.


March 23, 2017


Andre Zuczek died at 15 after falling out a window at a party, while using LSD. This self portrain is from his Facebook page.

The SMMUSD has confirmed that a santa monica high school boy died over the March 17-20th weekend, after falling out of a window during "a bad trip on acid."

Principal Antonio Shelton released a statement this evening. It's below.

Two female students died of illnesses this year, one in September and one in February. santa monica high school has just under 3000 students. 3 deaths of students in six months must be considered a concerning death rate for a US high school, even if all 3 deaths are unconnected.

"3-20-17 . Dear santa monica high school family and community,

It is with deep sadness that we are letting you know that Andre Zuczek, 15, a ninth grade Samohi student, has died after suffering major brain trauma among other injuries.

Andre's mom wants the community to know what happened so that other parents may be spared from losing a child to drug use. To this end, the family (through a representative) shared the following message:


From Andre's facebook page.

Andre and a few friends got together on Saturday and tried the drug, acid. Things went badly very quickly as Andre had what is thought to be a "bad trip," and fell from a third floor apartment. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors tried very hard to save him.

We encourage you to talk about Andre with your kids, friends, your family and whoever else provides you support. In sharing, please be aware that hearsay and gossip can be very hurtful and can add more sorrow to the grief we are all feeling at this time.

Funeral arrangements are not yet set.

Please join us in holding Andre's family and friends in your heart at this difficult time. Counseling is available at Samohi for any students needing support.

Sincerely, Dr. Antonio Shelton, Principal"


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