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By Zane 

Emergency Recall on Refillable Propane Cylinder sold by UHaul in California

Cease using the 1-lb container imediately


U-Haul has received notice from propane tank manufacturer Flame King that its refillable one-pound cylinder is subject to an immediate recall.

Flame King manufactures the refillable one-pound cylinder that has been available for purchase at propane-certified U-Haul locations in California since June 2016. A very limited quantity of promotional cylinders were sold in Arizona. Some Nevada residents may have bought cylinders at the U-Haul South Lake Tahoe store just across the California border.

Cease using your refillable one-pound cylinder immediately and return it to the closest propane-certified U-Haul location. Find your nearest U-Haul location at

U-Haul regrets any inconvenience this may cause. If you have questions or concerns regarding the product or recall, please contact Flame King at [email protected] In addition, you may contact U-Haul at [email protected]

If you no longer own a Flame King-manufactured refillable one-pound propane cylinder that you purchased, please provide this notice to the individual you believe has possession of the tank.


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