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Symposium on Statewide Conservation with Discussions Led by 'Water Maven' Chris Austin

The well-known author is a featured guest at event sponsored by Chino Basin Water Conservation District

Chris Austin

Chris Austin, author of the popular Maven's Notebook website and a prominent figure in California water news, will be one of the featured guests and moderators at Chino Basin Water Conservation District's Symposium on Statewide Conservation next month.

Austin, who has been writing about California water since 2007, is known for her unbiased and accurate reporting and news curation on the most significant issues in water, including the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, groundwater management and statewide supply planning.

Austin's 'Notebook' is one of California's most comprehensive sources for water news and information. The blog focuses on major planning processes currently underway, follows statewide policy issues and explains the latest developments in Delta science.

"We have the Conservation Framework. Now what?" is the theme of the June 29 symposium.

Austin will lend an authoritative voice to conversations about implementing the Governor's Executive Order to make conservation a California way of life and establish a long-term conservation framework, enforcement and equity, water use efficiency targets, and balancing conservation and agriculture.

"We are thrilled that Chris Austin, author of the popular Maven's Notebook, has agreed to help moderate the compelling dialogue," said Eunice Ulloa, CBWCD's executive director. "As one of the most relevant voices in California water, Ms. Austin will help make this event one that can't be missed."

The inaugural Symposium on Statewide Conservation will be held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 29 at CBWCD's Water Conservation Center, 4594 San Bernardino St., Montclair.

For more information, log on to, or contact the District at 909-626-2711.

The Chino Basin Water Conservation District is a public agency that protects the Chino Groundwater Basin by the capture and percolation of waters through its network of channels, basins and spreading grounds. Water conservation education is provided to the individuals and organizations within the service area to further promote the efficient use of water resources.


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