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They Live in Hotels, Tear Out the Walls; Landlords' Accountants Pay for It All

1447 Lincoln Building remains without power a month after the electrical vault fire


David Ganezer

Jimmy and his Dachshund "Baby," both receive generous stipends from the landlord at 1447 Lincoln building. A fire in the electrical vault forced them, and all the other tenants out of the building on May 8th.

One month after an underground electrical fire, the 1447 Lincoln Building remains without electrical power. All the stores on the ground level of the building remain closed--including Starbucks, Jersey Mike's and Chase Bank.

Around 80 tenants of the 1447 Lincoln Building are still living in hotels at Landlord expense. They receive weekly stipends of $1500 a week. Dogs and cats get $350 a week. It's unclear how the dogs and cats cash their checks. All this according to a security guard and a tenant in front of the building.

"It's Crazy," said Jimmy one tenant, who admitted he could hardly complain about the stipend. He said he misses his neighbors, and living so close to downtown. His dog, a Dauchsund named "baby," seemed happy enough however.

A security guard told us that the electrical vault was heavily damaged in the fire, and extensive repairs are underway.

On Monday May 8th, 2017 at 6:14 p.m. the Santa Monica Fire Department responded to 1447 Lincoln Blvd. for an activated fire alarm. Initial arriving firefighters found smoke in the subterranean parking area, and during their investigation an explosion and fire occurred in the electrical vault room.

The fire began in the parking garage at the 1447 Lincoln building, managed by Lincoln Property Company. "They experienced an explosion in the electrical vault in the subterranean parking garage, causing a fire in the subterranean area," said Captain Patrick Nulty the Santa Monica Fire Department's Public Information officer45 Firefighters from the Santa Monica Fire Department and Los Angeles Fire Department worked to confine and extinguish the fire in 34 minutes.

The building is a 5 story mixed use apartment building and was occupied and in normal use at the time of the fire, including the five businesses on the ground floor. Smoke throughout the building and the loss of power required the complete search and evacuation of all 94 apartment units. Approximately 120 residents were assisted out of the building, thanks to the assistance of Santa Monica Police Officers, Red Cross, and the Big Blue Bus. 19 residence required hotel accommodations overnight, which was provided by Lincoln Property Company.

David Ganezer

Marreau the Security Guard says Tenants have been well treated since the fire.

There were 2 residents that were injured during the evacuation who were treated by SMFD Paramedics and taken to a local hospital in stable condition. The cause of the explosion and fire was unknown, however no suspicious circumstances were found. Said Nulty.

"At this time, the building has no parking because the garage has been evacuated. None of the units were directly affected by the fire. But the building is evacuated at this time. Two injured residents were taken to a local hospital." Nulty said.

1447 is one of about 11 large high density apartment buildings, constructed by NMS properties in Santa Monica in the last 10 years. NMS contacted the Observer to deny any involvement in the incident or in the 1447 Lincoln Blvd property itself, noting that the building is managed by Lincoln Property Company.


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