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Missing Person: Amanda Allen Goes Missing in California, as Relatives Search for Her

Amanda Allen disappeared on July 30th at 9:30 pm. She said she was coming home by bus.


September 1, 2017

Photo of Amanda Allen who disappeared early in August.

Update, 9/27: Her aunt reports that Amanda Allen has been found, thanks to all for your tips!

Tonia Kitts Stephan last spoke to Amanda Allen on July 30th at 9:30 pm."That was the last I heard from her," says Stephans. "I tried to call her phone, but it goes straight to voicemail.

"Since then I have put her picture and story all over Santa Monica and with the Department of Justice. Several people have contacted me stating they might have seen her at Venice Beach.

Since that time her dog was found d wondering the streets. He had a chip in him so they called us to inform us about the dog."

"Now I am more worried than before. She would die before she would let that dog go without her. She loved him so much. He's been with her since she left Florida."

"She was passing through Santa Monica with her boyfriend. He got arrested. She was stranded there. She knows people in Santa Rosa. I was going to get her a bus ticket back to her home in Florida. We couldn't get her ticket because the police kept all her belongings because it was in the car her boyfriend was arrested in. Outstanding warrant in Ga from what I understand," says Stephans.

Stephans explains that Amanda was unable to retrieve her ID from the police, who had seized all their belongings.

"She had to have ID to pick up the ticket. Her ID was with her belongings. The police would not release it. So she used a local bus to get to Santa Rosa," says Stephans.

Then the police called her and said they would release her belongings about a week later.

“So I spoke with the Greyhound bus and got her a ticket back to Santa Monica to get her belongings then go back home on Greyhound.

“She went back to Santa Monica, hit her belongings. A place there called West Coast Care said they would help her out with a place to stay overnight and would pay her bus ticket back to Fl. She didn't want me to have to pay again. The guy at that place was named Ron according to her.She also was at a shelter there in Santa Monica for a few days.

“She had her dog with her this entire time. His name is buddy. A black and white mixed pit. He got sick so she was waiting on him to get better to leave. We are working with the Santa Monica Police. They filed a missing persons. It's been three weeks since they filed it.

“The detective on her case told me he feels honestly that she's not a missing person but a person that does not want to be found. Why he feels this way I do not really know.”

“Plus her dog Buddy. They found him, and that really scares me more than anything. She would never let him go. Not willingly. She's a very intelligent young lady. If she's gone by her own choice I will be so shocked. “

“I do worry though because the one woman that told me she seen Amanda at Venice Beach said that she introduced herself as Harley not Amanda. All sorts of things run through my mind. Did she fall? Does she have a head injury?”

Amanda's dog, Buddy

“She managed a Starbucks in Florida before leaving with her boyfriend for their trip to Colorado and California. I am so worried because Amanda called or text me everyday many times a day while out there. Telling me daily everything and every place she was going to. Telling me she wanted to go home.”

Amanda Allen 03/22/86

130 lbs 5'1"

Last seen in Santa Monica, Ca. Last heard from July 30th at 9:30 pm. She has a tattoo on the back of her neck that says Cloud. A tattoo on each ankle, one that says Smarty the other Penquin. She was staying at the Samochel Shelter in Santa Monica until her bus left.

Note: The Santa Monica Police have listed Amanda Allen as a “voluntary missing person” meaning they don’t think Amanda wants to be found.


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