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By Christine Peake
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Jewelry Designer Ele Keats Oversees 10th to 11th Street on Montana Avenue

Meet The Talented And Dedicated Block Captains of Montana Avenue


September 5, 2017

Ele Keats

Montana Avenue Merchants' Association Chairman, Engel & Volkers realtor Ryan Ole Hass has taken another productive and prosperous initiative to garner the support of the business owners on the luxurious Montana Ave and has assigned block captains to aide, promote and encourage the Montana Ave Merchants' Association mission.

This ensures the full support of the vendors and also generates a team effort wherein retailers can work together and provide assistance to each other.

Today we introduce the talented and beautiful jewelry designer Ele Keats who oversees 10th - 11th street block. Her unique designs have been a celebrity favorite for years.

Ele's Story:

Ele Keats was born in Paris, and raised in Europe, New York and Los Angeles. She is the eldest of two daughters. Her mother, a Ford model, traveled extensively with the girls, introducing them to a variety of cultures, which gave them a broad perspective of the world. She considers the time she lived in Munich, Germany, as having a tremendous influence on her. Specifically when she'd visit the studio of one of her mother's close friends, a goldsmith, who had his workshop in his home. Ele was completely fascinated by his tools, intricacy of design and artistry.

At age 17, she joined her mother and sister on a spiritual trip to India which marked the beginning of her love affair with gemstones. It was here that she was first introduced to them by a local gem dealer. Years later she would become a jewelry designer herself, and reflecting back on these serendipitous meetings she came to understand their impact on her as a young artist. These early beginnings, Ele feels, all wove together the tapestry of her destiny.

2004 was a breakthrough year for Ele. She received guidance from a trusted mentor. She learned that she needed to wear an Emerald for its healing and protective qualities. Searching far and wide, she couldn't find exactly what she had envisioned, leading her to design her own necklace which she still wears today: The Divinity Emerald. The response she got from her creation blew her mind. People were stopping her on the street asking where they could get one. One lady at a restaurant in New York literally grabbed her shoulders and looked her in the eye and said, "You must do this. Me and all my friends would love to buy your jewelry." It was a few months later at a party, Ele's friend tried on her Divinity Emerald and after seeing her necklace on someone else, Ele finally realized she needed to take a leap of faith and dive fully into being a designer. This woman ended up being her first customer. After that experience, Ele created her first jewelry collection.

"In life if you're supposed to do something it just finds you. I always say jewelry found me. Everything came about with an effortless flow–all the doors opened for me at once and I knew that it was meant to be. "

The Jewelry:

Ele focuses on the healing and supportive aspects of each gem. After many years of working with crystals and gems, she is attuned to the stones. She considers her pieces gem medicine. With a deep understanding of the intimacy of jewelry, her intention is twofold: to make each piece beautiful, bearing in mind the healing properties of the stone. She works only with ethical stones and takes every measure to ensure that the process of creating the jewelry from start to finish is done with mindfulness and consideration to the earth and all beings. Ele's policy is to only work with kind-hearted people. From buying the gemstones, crystals, and gold to those who make the finished product, her care and involvement in all aspects is all done with love.

The Store Experience:

What makes Ele Keats Jewelry Lifestyle Experience special is the harmonious, intoxicating and enchanting environment. The store is filled with stunning jewelry, fascinating and unusual crystals, all of which are completely unique. The jewelry collection at the shop is far more extensive than what you see here on the site. Inside the cases are many one of a kind pieces. It's a workshop of inspiration where there's always something new to discover.

A Crystal Shepherd, Ele is a natural treasure hunter of the earth. She follows her inner guidance when choosing crystals and is always grateful to unite the crystals with their human companions. Ele truly cares about her customers. She wants them to have a positive and uplifting experience and leave with a true understanding of the crystals they buy.

Ele has a deep connection and affinity for the island of Kauai. When you walk through the door, you can practically feel the ocean breeze of the island. Ele intended for her shop to be representative of Kauai and to carry its energy. She's extremely supportive of hand-selected artists from the island and loves to bring their work to show to a wider audience. Dream catchers and small treasures from this mystical place can also be found here.

You can visit Ele Keats Jewelry Lifestyle Experience in Santa Monica, California on historical Montana Avenue. She looks forward to welcoming you in with open hearts.

Ele's beautiful jewelry has attracted some of the world's most prolific and influential talents of our time. Some of her clients include: Drew Berrymore, Cameron Diaz, Kerry Washington, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Biel, Elizabeth Berkeley, Stefanie Scott, Diane Keaton, Maria Shriver, Laura Dern, Katie Holmes, Carla Gugino, Alison Loman, Jennifer Hudson, Melanie Griffith, Rosanna Arquette, Lauren Graham, Mandy Moore, Poppy Montgomery, Piper Perabo, Isabelle Adjani, Ann Cury, Jennifer Gray, Katherine Schwarzenegger. And Ele's Beloved Teacher: Eckhart Tolle

To learn more about Ele or shop for a loved one go to:


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