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The Full Moon and You: A Spiritual Teacher's Lunar Perspective

So, what does that even mean? And what does it really mean for your life?


September 12, 2017

Did you look at up the night sky on the 6th and think – wow, that's big. Is it a full moon? If you did, you'd be correct. Not only was it a full moon, it was also a full moon in the sign of the emotional and creative dreamer, Pisces.

So, what does that even mean? And what does it really mean for your life?

In Astrology the moon rules your emotional world. This means it governs how you process emotions – both internal and external. In mysticism, the moon is the symbol for the goddess and the feminine. The archetype of the feminine rules your emotions, creativity, spirituality and intuitive gifts.

On a full moon, you may have guessed already – the moon fully appears in the night sky. However, the full moon is the end of the moon's monthly journey. She begins each cycle hidden from the earth. This is called the 'new moon'. Symbolically, this is when we start new chapters and choose where we want to invest our emotions for the coming month.

After the new moon, and having planted the seeds of our emotional desires for the month, we spend the coming days nurturing these seeds with our time, hopes – even love. Hoping that we will see these projects take root and eventually come to life.

The full moon is the time when all invested energy comes to its natural climax. We often see the culmination of our work occur around the full moon. We also see endings happen around this time too, as there is nothing more for us to experience, so, the full moon sets things free.

Full moons are intense because they prompt us to release our FULL emotions, before we begin the cycle again.

So, can people go crazy on a full moon? You bet your star-gazing self, they can. The full moon adds pressure to any emotional blockages demanding to be released. Sometimes, instead of being a graceful waterfall, it's more like some kind of volcanic eruption.

Moonrise over Pacific Palisades

The more emotionally repressed or suppressed someone feels, the more dramatic the emotional explosion may just be. Remember the phrase 'my cup runneth over'? Well, that's what a full moon is. Your emotional cup is full - way too full. It's overflowing – and all that energy wants to reach a healthy place of being heard and understood, but, if it can't, it simply hopes to release the burden.

The full moon is a time to give things one more go, and if nothing happens, know that you have done your best and a new cycle is just about to begin. This is also a time to honour emotions, not just your own, but of those who you love. They don't need to be talking for them to communicating. Let their heart talk to you – at a full moon, you can bet it's sharing everything with you.

- Todd Savvas is an international spiritual teacher and mystic located in Los Angeles. You can receive his daily guidance on his Instagram (@toddsavvas) or view his website for information on private sessions, Feng-Shui and meditation. [email protected]


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