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By Christine Peake
Observer Staff Writer 

Celebrity Fitness Guru Charlene Ciardiello On Utilizing Santa Monica Parks..

Plus discusses diet and her new partnership with #1 Vitamin supplement, Sport Oxylent.


September 29, 2017

Christine Peake

Fitness guru and Sport Oxylent spokesperson Charlene Ciardiello

Celebrity go to favorite fitness guru, personal trainer and nutritionalist Charlene Ciardiello took a few minutes out of her daily work out at the Christine Emerson Reed Park to share a few healthy tips which keep her looking a decade younger than she is.

"Training isn't just a physical exercise but a challenge of mental discipline that requires deep introspection and a desire to evolve in body and soul.

I advocate a holistic approach that starts from within to identify one's inner obstacles, fears and self doubt. I inspire people to be confident, strong and to embrace their identity. Training isn't just about losing a few pounds but building a strong mental foundation and a balanced lifestyle."

Christine Peake

Charlene also believes that people find a excuse to avoid working out, or their schedules are also too busy to make the trip to the expensive gym. She is a strong advocate of embracing your surroundings and putting them to good use as part of a workout. Added Charlene, "Local parks have many areas where you can put down a yoga mat, stretch, do some light weights and lunges around the park. A gym can be a two hour commitment or an exercise class can break into a person's day. So I push my clients to commit to at least "shut up and move and get up and go" at least three times a week. I also like do a weekly 'weigh in' and have my clients be held accountable. This also sets realistic goals."

As well as living a healthy life Charlene has recently become a brand ambassador for Sport Oxylent, a leading 3-in-1 vitamin supplement found at that she drinks daily and shares with her clients. "I try to encourage all my clients to commit to a new way of lifestyle. Exercise can be fun and creates more energy. Sport Oxylent is a perfect fit for me as it provides me with energy, stamina and also aids recovery. Plus I have a seven day diet plan that clients use that can be purchased at my website


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