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Whole Foods Market, Pricey Condos Slated to Replace West Los Angeles Vons Market

Southeast Corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Barrington Avenue To be Intensively Developed


October 29, 2017

Enormous Whole Foods and 53 condominiums to Replace West LA Vons.

You've probably been to the large parking lot at the Vons Market in West Los Angeles on the corner of Barrington and Santa Monica Blvd.

The building owners have noticed that their expansive, 1970's era parking lot has tripled in value in ten years. Like other property owners, they plan to take advantage of that increase in property value.

The owners of the site have filed a proposal to replace it with a larger Whole Foods Market, and three stories of condominiums on the roof. Expect a lot more traffic.

The proposed development features a five-story building featuring 166 apartments above a 55,000-square-foot Whole Foods Market.  Plans also call for 579 parking spaces in a three-level subterranean garage.

In a presentation to the West L.A. Sawtelle Neighborhood Council's Board of Directors, Landry Design Group unveiled renderings for the 2.67 acre project.

Landry designed the low-rise structure. MVE + Partners serving as executive architect.  The project has an X-shaped footprint, "creating terrace levels for outdoor amenities."

The project, which has been in the works for 2 years, would joins several other mixed-use developments that are planned along Santa Monica Blvd in West LA.

Those projects include a five-story, 53-unit building from Markwood Enterprises and a five-story, 154-unit complex by CIM Group. 

CIM has already midway through construction at a similar project at Santa Monica and Westgate Avenue.


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