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67 Year Old Cyclist on a Charity Bicycle Quest to Honor Young Leukemia Victim

Glenn Hirsch is on a 10,000 mile bike ride for Cancer, ending at the Santa Monica Pier.


November 11, 2017

Lynn Hirsch

Glenn Hirsch is on a 10,000 mile bicycle ride around the US, ending at the Santa Monica Pier. Glenn had a white nose in November 2016 as he cycled southward in Arizona heading to NM, Texas then ending in New Orleans.

Glenn Hirsch is on a 10,000 mile bicycle ride around the US, ending at the Santa Monica Pier. He rides to honor the memory of his nephew Ian Besner, who died of Leukemia in 2006, and to raise money to fight cancer. His wife, Lynn Hirsch, sent us the following e mail:

My husband, Glenn Hirsch, is 67 years old and has been an avid cyclist as long as I can remember. He has been a family physician for forty years and has always lived a healthy lifestyle.

In 2000, he took on a huge challenge, riding his bicycle from Seattle to Washington, DC for the American Lung Association. After completing the ride, he suffered a heart attack and had open heart surgery six months later. I thought that this would

end his long distance cycling but he persevered and did another long ride from San Francisco to LA in 2004 for the Arthritis Foundation.

In 2006, we had a loss in the family. Our nephew, Ian who was 11, died of Leukemia. In an effort to cope with this tragedy, my sister and brother-in-law founded I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation ( in Ian's memory to fund

research to discover gentler treatments to pediatric cancer. That is when our life became a personal journey to use Glenn's love of cycling to honor Ian and to raise funds and awareness for targeted therapies for childhood cancer:

Lynn Hirsch

In November, 2015, the Hirsch's reached the Atlantic Ocean after riding from New Orleans to St. Augustine, Florida. 

Since 2009, Glenn has cycled the East Coast Greenway from Key West to Maine at the Canadian Border, we traveled from Seattle to San Francisco, he pedaled the route from New Orleans to St. Augustine, FL and last fall we traveled from Phoenix to New

Orleans, all for I Care I Cure. I follow along as his support vehicle every mile along the way.

We named our journey I Care I Cure I Cycle (; every trip raising funds for I Care I Cure.

That brings us to today when we will embark on the last chapter of this adventure! In December 2017, Glenn will complete the full circle around the perimeter of the continental US, more than 10,000 miles in 17 years all for charities.

We will depart from Phoenix on December 20 and ride to San Diego by December 24 and onto the Santa Monica Pier on December 29. Please help us spread the word!

Thank you,

Lynn Hirsch

Atlanta, Georgia


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