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By Liz Angeles
Observer Staff Writer 

Santa Monica Welcomes Amplify Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, to Main Street.

Acupuncture, TCM are the oldest forms of medicine and can treat just about any condition


November 24, 2017

The Staff at Amplify Acupuncture

What a wonderful new addition to our capital of natural healing, Santa Monica. I found Amplify to be an interesting choice of name, because this haven is so serene, the only thing it ‘amplified’ was my need for a nap.

I was complaining of nervous tension and restlessness, and just one treatment transported me into my ideal state of Chillifornia. I was treated by Licensed Acupuncturist and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yunuen “June” Beristain, who opened Amplify and graduated with honors, while earning a Master's of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University.

It is her stance that acupuncture is all about awakening and “amplifying” the body’s own ability to heal itself. Hence, the name is trés apropos. Upon entering, I felt like I landed in (or on) a cloud. I was led to the oh-so-zen and contemporary back room, where I was handed an iPad to complete my intake form; the most thorough series of questions I think I’ve ever experienced. Fortunately, however, that greatly assisted June to get the whole picture about what I needed most, and obviously help determine which meridians to address. While filling out your own form, I recommend you be as honest as possible and just let it all hang out.

The décor is delightfully chic and elegant, the vibe is divine, and the staff is kind and nurturing. You will surely feel well cared for, safe and pampered. Be aware that there are no private rooms, as it is community acupuncture. You won’t care, however, once you are reclining comfortably on a zero-gravity leather chair. They even allow for elevating your feet if necessary. The music is ethereal and sent me into a half-asleep dream state.

As a healer myself, I often wonder why I tend to forget that acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is one of the oldest forms of medicine and can treat just about any condition you can imagine. To name a few: it treats PTSD, digestive problems, sleep issues, allergies, injuries, fertility, PMS; literally just about anything. They generally recommend getting at least two treatments per week for a number of weeks. Any less than that is more for preventative care.

PTSD, digestive problems, sleep issues, allergies, injuries, fertility, PMS can all be treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Choose from their menu of treatments which include Adaptogenic Blast, Road to Dreamland or Recharge and Recover. What is especially enticing is that after your first new patient consultation, you don’t need to make an appointment! Just show up anytime. For the busy worker bees around here, we all appreciate that. Amplify also has a membership program to make regular appointments more affordable. Indeed, it is a heavenly sanctuary to escape for a quiet rest and healing treatment. 2717 Main Street, 90405. 424.252.9333. Follow them on Instagram @timetoamplify or find Amplify Acupuncture on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more from the Wellness Corner by your local Healing Artist, Liz Angeles, Author of 45 and Pregnant, How I Conceived and Delivered Naturally @justwhatyouknead IG.


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