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Since Fortune Favours the Brave, be Brave and Bold! Your Soul Demands Nothing Less.

How Bravery Brings Blessings


November 24, 2017

How can people crave the miracle of breakthrough- and all of the blessings that could happen, yet, remain terrified and stagnant when presented with the cosmic invoice and balance due?

What lengths would you go to for breakthrough?

You think this would be a relatively easy question to answer, right?

The sad truth is most people aren't willing to take the often obvious steps necessary to achieve the breakthrough they deeply desire. Why? Because breakthrough demands something. And that 'something' is often the thing you don't want to- or "can't" give up.

The good news? Breakthrough is only going to demand the sacrifice of something that's toxic or complex. And, it only does this because it's the only way to simplify and streamline your life!

You would imagine it's a no-brainer, right? You've probably already recognised the 'thing' that's toxic. You can see the breakthrough you want. But, the path to this breakthrough seems like such hard work. This seemingly obvious and logical thing to do has become complicated and convoluted. Otherwise, you would have done it already.

Don't be excessively hard on yourself. That toxic thing that keeps you from breakthrough has become similar to a drug – and you're hooked on it. You know you need to change it, you either don't know how, or your habit will not let you.

This is the time to remind yourself of the payoff from your breakthrough. You're being guided toward something better, you're yearning to be happier – you're calling for something new. Follow that!

When you're reaching for breakthrough and nothing else will suffice, the key component is surrendering everything to change- and the vital component to this process working is the need for trust in the great unknown.

Want to know two of the most common questions the fear body throws up in the face of surrender and change? "If I give this up, who will I be?", or "If I 'let go' of this fully, will it mean I've closed the door forever?" I say to bring these inner, worrisome questions up. Air them, face whatever presents. Don't let it ruin you or hold you back.

How can people crave the miracle of breakthrough- and all of the blessings that could happen, yet, remain terrified and stagnant when presented with the cosmic invoice and balance due?

Fear loves to exist within the human body. Originally, this fear kept your ancestors alive – it was useful. Now, it acts more like a nagging, worried, overprotective parent, never wanting their child to leave the safety of the home.

Your fear fixates and holds onto the past. It uses your disappointments and 'failures' against you. Over time, it reshapes your belief and expectation. All while, your soul- the deepest part of you, CRAVES expansion and evolution. So, your soul is calling for more, yet, your head (the fear) and heart's wounds scream even louder, yelling "think about everything that could go wrong!".

Remember the old saying: 'Fortune favours the brave'? It truly does.

The Spirit LOVES when people leap, try, attempt, recover, retry and strive over and over again- never letting prior disappointments or 'failures' hold them back. These folks are looked at as engaged and actively corporative with the Universe. These types of people make it easy for Destiny to open its doors for them.

Think about your life right now: what kind of breakthrough do you yearn for? Which part of your life needs the biggest change? Now, ask yourself- honestly: "which toxic or stagnant thing must I surrender to receive breakthrough?"

Surrender for your situation might mean leaving a toxic friendship, or perhaps, changing your diet drastically. It could even be surrendering the negative programming your mother gave you- and in fact, learning you do deserve self-love and praise. Or, it could mean giving up the need to save or rescue people. YOU know what it is.

Since Fortune favours the brave, be brave and bold! Your soul demands nothing less.

Todd Savvas is an international spiritual teacher specialising in modern spirituality and mysticism. He can be seen on Good Day LA and Young Hollywood. You can connect with him on his social media @toddsavvas or arrange private sessions with him via his website


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