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Montana Ave. Opens America's Most Authentic Italian Gelato

Launching a vegan Gelato line exclusively for the California's market


November 30, 2017

Christine Peake

Man with a plan! Alessandro Alvino ensures he delivers the best gelato in America.

Gelato-go, a US franchise known for sourcing its ingredients from the best geographic regions around the world, is opening two new locations in LA.

The Santa Monica location opened to rave reviews and the much anticipated Beverly Hills location is opening at the end of the November. The Montana Avenue location had an astounding 400 delighted visitors on its opening day this past Saturday. This promises to be a go-to spot for lucky locals and parents who want a healthy treat! They also serve up a tasty authentic menu of European style breakfasts, lunches and pastries, I am a huge advocate to their delicious expresso which reminds me fondly of my days in Rome. Their prices will not disappoint!

Gelato-go is a staple in the warm cities across Florida, such as Miami, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Sarasota. High demand has allowed them to identify the Los Angeles market as the perfect next-step in expanding the brand across the country. "We know a lot of people in LA and have had so many requests over the years to open a location here. We did some research and found that the LA people are in love with our product. At this purpose, we are launching a vegan Gelato line exclusively for the California's market."Each location will offer services and Italian specialties like:

● Catering

● Restaurant wholesale program

● Fresh gelato (including custom flavors)

● Premiere coffees and espressos

● Cakes, desserts and paninis

Gelato-go is the fastest growing Italian gelato franchise based in Florida, growing across the country in cities known for their warmer climates. This video shows the founders explaining the brand and its mission while introducing delicious gelato flavors

For more information about Gelato-go including high quality images, video links, and additional product/service description and franchise information, please visit

About Gelato-go

Christine Peake

Three young Italian buddies opened the first Gelato-go on sunny 458 Ocean Drive, South Beach, on January the 18th 2013. The Gelato maker learned the skill from his father - his family had been in theGelato business for over 80 years. "We've built a great business on the basic principles of fresh ingredients, fun flavors, and family atmosphere", says Co-founder Alessandro Alvino. We make our own Gelato base daily with fresh ingredients. Our secret is the meticulous search of the ingredients used in each of the recipes, imported from our homeland of Italy and from all over the world. Some of the ingredients we use in the production of our Gelati are pistachios from Bronte, Sicily, hazelnuts from Langhe, Piedmont, and we exclusively use Vairhona chocolate, which sources cocoa beans of the finest variety from a plantation in Venezuela. We serve you a healthier product by using milk which does not contain artificial hormones or antibiotics.

Location: 1305 Montana Ave, Santa Monica. CA 90403


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