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By Liz Angeles
Observer Staff Writer 

Got pain? Learn how the Nerve Whisperer can relieve your back pain in only 90 seconds.

Gadi will examine your body's posture, biomechanical dysfunction and muscle spasm


December 11, 2017

Gadi will examine your body's posture, biomechanical dysfunction and muscle spasm.

Everyone needs to live joyously, as we were meant to, but how can we do that if we are distracted by agonizing pain signals? If you experience body pain, such as carpal tunnel, sciatica or low back pain, you may soon discover a long-awaited end to your quiet suffering.

Perhaps you are not comfortable with disrobing for a massage, or you cringe at the thought of acupuncture needles or chiropractic adjustments. Certainly, for some, these are valid fears. We know the body is miraculously capable of healing itself; once we are relaxed enough to accomplish that. However, when in fear, we tense up, which prevents us from achieving that relaxed state and our inherent self-healing ability.

Introducing a true healing gem of Santa Monica, the gentle and beloved Gadi Kaufman. Gadi is affectionately known as the "Nerve Whisperer" because his technique assists in resetting the nervous system. He explains that all of our pain, whether in the joints or the muscles, starts first with the nervous system. The technique is known as "Strain Counterstrain" and sometimes referred to as "Positional Release." Nestled in the heart of downtown Santa Monica, just above the Homeopathic Pharmacy, Gadi's office is conveniently located for the ubiquitous local techies, who spend far too many hours on their computers. Sound familiar?

What to expect in a session: No undressing is required, but it would certainly be more comfortable to wear loose-fitting pants like sweats or yoga pants. Gadi will examine your body's posture, biomechanical dysfunction and muscle spasm. He will then have you lie on his table and direct your body into a series of comfortable positions. As soon as the correct position has been found, he will stop the spasm signal from the nervous system and improve blood circulation. As Gadi explains, "Once you release the muscle spasm, you change the biomechanics of the body." He adds, "We have 60,000 miles of blood vessels running through our body, which serve as our irrigation system to carry the oxygen into the muscle and the lactic acid out of the muscle." He is here to help us keep our blood flowing, our bodies in motion, and feeling like ourselves again.

Healers, therapists, personal trainers, yoga and pilates teachers who attend his workshops are thrilled to discover his demonstrations of several quick easy positions and spasm release techniques that you can practice yourself-anywhere, anytime. These are focused on the neck, lower back, and legs. Regular practice will help prevent them from reoccurring as frequently. But wait! It gets better. Gadi wrote a book to provide us with a quick reference for the areas that most commonly plague our bodies. Do it Yourself – Back Pain Relief in 90 Seconds, which is available at his office or on Amazon.

Need sleep? Try this! Much like Dorothy in the field of poppies, I always leave his table feeling so sleepy, ready for a nice warm bath, which is exactly what he prescribes. He affirms that I am sleepy because he just reset my nervous system. Because Gadi commands such a scientific approach to the inner workings of the body, many of his clients (including myself) often forget that he is not a doctor, but a neuromuscular therapist.

I believe he is the only person in Los Angeles who specializes and practices only in this

technique and helps relieve pain for the masses all day long. I personally don't know what I would do without him. As a massage therapist of 30 years, I come across many clients who need his therapy first. As he explains, "You can massage, exercise or stretch, but you will not release the spasm because they won't stop the spasm signal from the nervous system. Those activities would be far more effective after the spasm is released."

If I can't help someone with severe pain or spasms, I know Gadi probably can within just a few treatments; sometimes it only takes one visit! I often share his self-care techniques with my clients, but if you want to learn from the best, Gadi Kaufman truly is the master.

If you or anyone you love is in pain, give Gadi's technique a shot. No needles, cracking or nudity required! For more information on his workshops, to schedule an appointment or to better understand how and why his 'Blizful' technique works, get educated at Check him out on Yelp or Facebook by searching Strain Counterstrain.

Stay tuned from more from the Wellness Corner by local healing artist, Liz Angeles, and Author of 45 and Pregnant – How I Conceived and Delivered Naturally. Follow Liz on Instagram or Facebook by visiting


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