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By Sarah Storkin
Observer Staff Writer 

Santa Monica in Transition: Top Ten Local News Stories of 2017

SamoHi Grad Steve Miller Moves into the West Wing, and other stories that moved us this year


December 29, 2017

People continued to have faith

It has been a year for the record books! While a Santa Monica Observer Intern goes to Washington and writes speeches for a Republican president, 3 of 7 members of the SMMUSD Board end up under investigation for conflict of interest.

In no particular order, here our our top ten stories of 2017:

1. DISTRICTING LAWSUIT - The City has spent several million $ already and plans to keep fighting a losing battle

2. SMRR supposed to mean Santa Monicans for Renters Rights but has morphed into a pro-developer party now more accurately described as SMRR - Santa Monicans for Ruling Residents

One party rule for close to 40 years. One party control of virtually ALL the levers of power. Any one party rule, democrat, republican or anything = corruption

Something like 1 employee for every 32 residents... have you met yours yet?

Average salaries and benefits = $150k +/-

3. Decline of Rent Control:

1979 – 33,000 rentals

2017 - 26,000 rentals

Rent control not only hurts landlords – it also hurts renters, argue landlord groups. More and more mom and pop owners will be selling due to draconian new rules and regulations, they say. New wealthy owners will only be looking at the bottom line

4. SEISMIC EARTHQUAKE REGULATIONS –LA allows a $38 a month pass-through to renters. SM allowing zero pass-through -Not so much about the money as about SM giving owners the middle finger again


According to the FBI, SM has the highest property crime rate of any city of its size in California. Everyone is feeling this and upset – how will our corrupt city council deal with this?

Many if not MOST of the SMPD and SMFD calls are related to homeless and downtown crime. Residents, especially home owners, feel as if they are being left to fend for themselves


Having lost elections in the 80's due to this issue, the City Council and Rick Cole are talking like they are actively dealing with making our city a magnet for the homeless – NOT! OPCC expose' accuses the organization of mistreating those who need their help


Millions spent to bring back the train, but many ask: Why is traffic not less? Why is crime much more? Why was EXPO built on ground level on Colorado? My answer: to allow for more sardine-sized apartments to be built.

LAs housing prices skyrocketed, & homelessness grew

8. Neighborhood childcare centers proliferate. Some say they are noisy and traffic producing. Either way, they are coming to a neighborhood near you soon...

9. SMO Airport Runway shortened: Some local residents appear to have won a battle in the war to close the airport, as the runway is shortened over the objections of airline pilots.

10. santa monica high school Graduate Stephen Miller gains influence in the Whitehouse. Rejecting the leftist indoctrination seminar entitled "Freshman Seminar," former Santa Monica Observer Intern steve miller writes all Donald J. Trump's major speeches in 2017. He is the brains behind a revolutionary president. And he came from our town.


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