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At OPCC, a Screaming Woman Keeps Other Guests Awake at Night

Letter to the Editor about the Mentally Ill at the Ocean Park Community Center


February 13, 2018

Other women staying there tell her to shut up and threaten to beat her up if she doesn't stop.

Dear Editor:

There are women living at (O.P.C.C.) Daybreak Shelter in Santa Monica who are so severely mental that they are a danger to themselves, and everyone at this facility. This person "Jeanine" screams and sobs, and curses all night long so that the other women cannot sleep.

They become angry and combative after having to put up with her psychotic episodes. Other women staying there tell her to shut up and threaten to beat her up if she doesn't stop.

The Staff chooses to leave her outside in the cold patio at night as she screams for hours and curses everyone. There are no cameras to capture these serious attacks by this client. The trained personnel are not capable of managing a person who is in this condition.

This person needs immediate help and must be taken to a hospital before she has a heart attack or stroke. The other clients laugh at her, fueling her rage. I'm hoping that this letter will prompt an investigation into the safety and welfare for women at this shelter.

Can you please look into this matter, as I am only one person who has been ignored after bringing this to the staffs attention.

Allie Smith

From another reader:

Hello. Please help. A seriously mental patient is in danger as her mental episodes continue to become worse while the staff looks on. The homeless woman is staying in the Daybreak Shelter for women and this program is not equipped or trained to help such severe patients. She has daily and nightly screaming fits by wailing, and hysterically crying all night long. She says that somebody is tormenting her, and she is being abused. Dilusional thoughts and self mutilation are signs of a severely ill person.

During these episodes, she uses filthy profanities that are so vulgar, they cannot be repeated. The staff at the facility completely ignore this as if they don't hear anything. What is going on? This woman is at their mercy because the program gets her checks. She needs help! A mental hospital. The other people who are also staying here (also have mental issues) are subjected to this nightly terrorizing ,screaming, and crying for hours and the staff does not assist, or try find out why


Reader Comments(1)

blueyedpisces writes:

First of all Janine is not in Daybreak, the upstairs shelter for domestic violence victims, which is all women who don't want to be around men. She is in the downstairs shelter, Safe Haven. I lived there for 8 months, while she was there, and I have to admit she could be very annoying because she suffers from Disassociative Identity Disorder but instead of yelling at her to Shut up or threaten her,(because that just throws her into one of her other personalities as a defense mechanism), try talking to her calmly and nicely, give her something to do, adult colorbooks & pens or jigsaw puzzles, etc., ask her politely, Janine, please be quiet. I'm trying to sleep. Here would you like something to do? And give her a puzzle or something. I used to calm her down that way all the time. Treat her like a hunan being. I used to have trouble sleeping and would be up at night so I would ask the night staff to let her sit in the conference room and do jigsaw puzzles with me and she was quiet.


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