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By Linda West
Maegan Dean 

In SF, Good Vibrations for a Cannabis Pioneer Remembered for Courage

Hundreds Gather to Celebrate the Life of Dennis Peron


February 26, 2018

Dan and the Pot Goddesses

As the Sun was being eclipsed on February 15, hundreds of people gathered in San Francisco’s Delores Park to celebrate the life and legend of Dennis Peron.

The memorial was in accordance with his life’s work, and the first annual celebration of proposition 215 – the official legalization of cannabis in California. The celebration of life was to commemorate the man that tirelessly fought to decriminalize cannabis for all of us, and to free cannabis to be used as medicine to the sick who so desperately need it.

The beauty of the crowd was noticeable through vibration, although there were tears, the hope was alive and well. The generations of activists, growers, producers, lovers, fighters (the good fight) and dreamers (you’re not the only one ;)) was uplifting, moving and hopeful to say

the least.

In attendance were some of Denise's long time best friends that were also movers and shakers in the cannabis industry. The crowd was filled with four generations of activists, including Siobhan Darwish of the Grow Sisters a second-generation farmer from Humboldt County (the first legally permitted farm in California) and a keynote speaker Granddaddy Mike.

Sweetleaf Joe spearheads a movement to make sure that severely ill people are given their cannabis medicine for free with a special collective called the San Francisco Bay Sweet Leaf collective. Please go to our YouTube page through our website to see the full interview with Sweeleaf Joe. Uncle Sam take your piece but not from the sick! Farmers want to give free medicine to terminally ill people and our government wants to tax them! Please look into this it has been declared a national health emergency.

Wayne Justmann was the first medical cardholder in California, and Dennis’s head of security in a time where it was taboo and highly illegal. Wayne was the first person to stand up and put his name on the “list”. Dennis and Wayne were living in SF in the middle of the Aids epidemic, before the general public knew how it was being spread or even what it was. See full interview with Wayne on YouTube

Dennis Peron, and many including the legendary Harvey Milk, fought with passion to help get the medicine cannabis to the many inflicted with a disease (AIDS) that at the time society did not understand, or have the proper synthetic medications to control. All they knew at the time was that cannabis relieved suffering, and they were surrounded by suffering…and so the fight for legalization began from the heartfelt need to end the sorrow and pain they saw around him.

In his last few years and after he left hospice, Dennis was taken care of by a compassionate, highly intuitive and intelligent young man named Dan. Along with his beloved friends and managers Cara and Laura. They were always in the background, holding him up and loving him with all they had. They still are!

Laura andDennis

Dennis has inspired, and left behind an army of believers who will proudly carry the torch of the need to free cannabis to be used as medicine everywhere. Currently thirty states allow medicinal cannabis with a medical card, but on the Federal level they still consider this plant medicine a Schedule 1 drug. Schedule 1 – means that the substance has NO medicinal effects. Of course the hundreds of people that can now use cannabis again for their illness will tell you that’s a lie. As will all the newest tests from our top Ivy League Colleges such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford that have released independent studies saying that cannabis may be a super medicine highly superior to what the big pharmaceutical companies are selling. With cannabis oil they are making grounds with shrinking tumors, improving MS and warding off Alzheimer’s. The list of benefits from this ancient plant is endless – yet still ignored by Jeff Sessions. As this goes to print, a class action suit is pending against Sessions’ insistence to keep cannabis away from the people as medicine, via keeping it classified with hard drugs with no medical use. The people are still fighting, and the memory and work of Dennis Peron shines on like a torch that now must be passed to all those that care.

In order to keep up the work Dennis started the funds must keep coming in. Legalization has its “perks” however as we learned from Sweet Leaf Joe it is hurting the seriously ill. Please Visit the Compassion Calendar site and support the good fight.  Dennis gave so much to all Cannabis users, please give back.


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