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Top Ten #FakeOlympicFacts Trends on Twitter, as Korean Winter Olympics Close

In the original games Apollo lost to Thor in the men's Alpine downhill race eleminating him from contention for having a day of the week named after him.


February 28, 2018

Medals are Edible

1. The closing ceremony is a recording of the opening ceremony, played backwards #FakeOlympicsFacts. Carl Hult

2. The Canadians actually apologized for winning so much. #FakeOlympicsFacts. --Innocent Illusion (Diana)

3. Figure Skaters take about 5000mg of Dramamine before competing... #FakeOlympicsFacts @HashFakeFacts-- CK Charley

There is an Olympic medal for lying

4 . In 2022, they're adding a Soul Train line component to the Ice Dancing event.-- Seth from the 70's

5. if you don’t watch the Olympics your country will loose--Aissa

6. The guy from Tonga was actually there to be competitive and not just as eye candy.

7. They had planned to have dog sled racing at the winter Olympics this year but they changed their minds because Korea hosted it. The Gnurb

8. You have to have a figure to figure skate. Sue Zarrar

9. Tonya Harding won the gold in the lead pipe. #fakeolympicsfacts-- Meanest Klingon

10 . Women who are on their period are not allowed to participate in the biathlon because bears could smell the menstruation. #SafetyFirst


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