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California, the Sanctuary State, Finally Gets Sued for Playing Politics with Immigration

Justice Dept Sues California for Declaring Itself a Sanctuary State


From a San Francisco protest

Trying to please potential Democratic voters, the State of California declared itself a Sanctuary State last year . The Justice Depart has now sued the Golden State, saying that it is interfering with Federal Agents in the performance of their duties

The Federal constitution says that border control and immigration are the purview of the Federal government, not the states

In modern times, the country's largest state has been dominated by Democrats politically speaking, but it was not always so . The State that produced Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon experienced explosive growth since 1980, most of it from abroad . Those immigrants are widely believed to vote for Democrats; this despite the fact that they are often from socially conservative countries, mostly Mexico and Latin America. In Los Angeles County, 40% of the population of 10 million people, were born abroad.


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