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Found Video: Miami Bridge Collapsed During Stress Test Conducted in Afternoon Traffic

Congressman confirms that a stress test was underway at the time of the collapse


March 19, 2018

At least one witness has attributed the collapse of a pedestrian bridge in Miami, to a snapped cable. Speaking on Fox TV, eyewitness Jose Mejia says that he saw a blue cable holding equipment in a blue box, snap. It fell onto the pedestrian bridge, causing the bridge to collapse.

The bridge fell on at least 5 vehicles. It was intended to connect 2 sides of Miami's Florida International University.

A local congressman confirms that a stress test was underway at the time of the collapse. "They were trying to see what the bridge would handle, by dropping a load on it," said Congressman Carlos Curbelo (R), confirming on FoxNews that testing was going on at the time of the collapse

It seems unwise that such a test would be conducted during rush hour.

Pedestrians would be able to cross the bridge without having to risk being hit by a car in the intersection of 8th street, which is 8 lanes wide at that point.

Florida International University (FIU) is a metropolitan public research university in Greater Miami, Florida. FIU has two major campuses in Miami-Dade County, with its main campus in University Park. Florida International University is classified as a research university with highest research activity by the Carnegie Foundation and a research university by the Florida Legislature.[citation needed]

FIU belongs to the 12-campus State University System of Florida and is one of Florida's primary graduate research universities, awarding over 3,400 graduate and professional degrees annually.[7] The university offers 191 programs of study with more than 280 majors in 23 colleges and schools. FIU offers many graduate programs, including architecture, business administration, engineering, law, and medicine, offering 81 master's degrees, 34 doctoral degrees, and 3 professional degrees.

FIU is the largest university in South Florida, the 2nd-largest in Florida, and the 4th-largest in the United States by enrollment. Total enrollment in Fall 2016 was 55,112 students, including 8,770 graduate students. According to U.S. News college rankings and reviews, 92% of FIU students live off-campus while only 8% of students live in "college-owned, college-operated or college-affiliated" housing.


Reader Comments(2)

FireEagle writes:

You can see the crane cable braking at 0.01 on the video. At 2.53 you can see that the end of the crane's cable, the hook, is broken off or not there. It appears that this failure was not the bridge's fault.

FireEagle writes:

Yes there is video. Check out the video -Found video of FIU bridge collapse... -. At .02 cable snaps and bridge comes down. At 2.59 you can see the broken cable dangling from the crane. Nothing wrong with bridge. Not designed for heavy weight to be dropped on it. Good argument for prevailing wage workers on public works projects. Well paided profesional workers usually make fewer mistakes like this.


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