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By David Ganezer
Observer Staff Writer 

How Beating on Bongos and Flying Flags Perpetuates World Peace

Why All the National Flags stuck in the sand South of the Santa Monica Pier?


David Ganezer

"We are servants of world peace; praying for an end to all wars, hunger, malnutrition, starvation, and homelessness inspiring the development of a pure relationship with Mother Earth."

When I'm bored I run on the beach. There's always something new in Santa Monica, and it's usually near the 105 year old Pleasure Pier. had a colorful flag display flapping in the wind. Their website says that their organization is dedicated to curing war, disease, poverty, homelessness and disease, by getting all 195 countries of the world to sit on the beach every night and beat bongos, or something.

David Ganezer

Dude from Tongva, like many other tourists, found his own flag and took a selfie with it.

Ok, fine. Their website actually says their mission is "to invite all 195 Countries to organize a four hour drum circle event each Sunday uniting in their own time zones with Drumcircle, weekly reports from humanitarian, and environmental spokespersons for all countries.

The planet unites and the planet communicates create the world we want to live in," which sounds like it was written after an 8 hour drum session by someone holding a very large bong.

While I don't get it, I did enjoy all the flags on the beach just south of the Santa Monica Pier on Sunday, May 6th, 2018. I thought it was a big improvement over the faux cemetery that sometimes congregates there.

The flags were very colorful, and I caught a Canadian tourist family joking and delighting in their country's flag. And the dude from Tongva posing with his small nation's mostly green flag, looked a lot better with his shirt off than I do.

-David Ganezer


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