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Power in Your Communication

This gift of relationship discernment is so crucial.

What I find truly fascinating is that we as conscious beings, aim to be self-sufficient and evolved to the point we don't NEED others. However, communication and mastering true connection is definitely a major part of the soul's journey- and typically a challenging lesson to master.

You live in a time when being able to 'connect' has never been easier. Yet, most people hardly experience true connection anymore. Why is this?

Rewind 40 years. Imagine who you'd be around. Imagine how much 'smaller' your world would have been. People weren't constantly opening up their reality to 100's of more people, each and every day, via swiping right (or left), websites, emails, twitter, Instagram- and the list goes on.

Because people didn't have a wave of new people enter their world every day, they were focused on connecting with less people, and with less people demanding attention and energy there was a greater capacity to invest. People weren't spreading themselves too thin!

Don't get me wrong, as a Gemini I love meeting and knowing new people. But, I can definitely feel as I progress in my path, the understanding of HOW I am meant to know people is becoming a major lesson.

This gift of relationship discernment is so crucial.

When you have a friend's list of 5000 'friends'. Who do you connect with? You can't connect with them all. Why do you want to connect with them? What qualifies them as 'friends'? Will they answer your phone call at 3am when you are experiencing a truly hard moment? Do they REALLY want to hear what's happening with you? I bet you will find that list of 5000 will end up greatly reduced.

It has to be the throwback to the old delusion that more somehow means better? The good news is that this delusion- on all levels, is finally being pierced, and people are seeking true value once again.

So, let's focus on what true value in relationships really is about.

If you stopped everything right now and focused on who is REAL in your life and who would LOVE to receive a simple message or connection of some kind from you. Who comes to mind?

Do you understand the profound power that's found in you actually connecting with one person at a time? The MOST vital part of this is not only to connect, but to listen to how the heart is leading you to connect.

Now, return to pause. Empty your mind and ask yourself: who am I meant to connect with right now- and just simply share something loving, caring and supportive? It doesn't need to be a big deal. It just needs to be real.


Todd Savvas is an international spiritual teacher and Sage, specializing in bringing ancient wisdom to today's age. He can be seen on Extra TV, Good Day LA and Young Hollywood. You can receive his free, daily guidance on his socials @toddsavvas or enquire about private sessions with him at his website


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