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Southern California Republican Women & Men Announce Endorsements for June 5th Ballot

John Cox, Previously Endorsed by Donald Trump, Wins Republican Backing

At today's meeting the members of the Southern California Republican Women and Men voted by a two-thirds majority to endorse John Cox to be the next Governor of California, the Group announced.

"We consider it critically important that a Republican make it to the top 2 on June 5. While some of us may have preferred Travis Allen, we recognize the necessity of unifying behind the Republican candidate who has objectively established a decisive lead. A THIRD-PLACE FINISH BEHIND ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA IS NOT AN OPTION!"warned the group in a statement.

A Republican at the top of the November ticket is necessary for its own sake, but also is critical to boosting our down-ticket candidates, who may otherwise be massacred. Additional candidates endorsed by vote of two-thirds of members present:

Attorney General: Steven Bailey

Secretary of State: Mark Meuser

Lieutenant Governor: David Hernandez (Note that there are 2 Hernandez's running for Lieutenant Governor. DO NOT VOTE FOR ED THE DEMOCRAT!) VOTE DAVID Hernandez.

U.S. Senate: Tom Palzer

State Senate, District 18: Brandon Saario

Los Angeles County Sheriff: No Endorsement.

Incumbent Jim McDonnell: see

Challenger Robert Lindsey: see


In addition to the above endorsements, the following propositions and judgeships were discussed and recommendations are made without a formal vote, based on surveys of respected sources such as Craig Huey, Gary Aminoff, the Pacific Palisades Republican Club and Tim Donnelly.


Proposition 68: No

Proposition 69: No

Proposition 70: No

Proposition 71: Craig Huey says Yes, Tim Donnelley says No

Proposition 72: Yes


County of Los Angeles; Office 4

Alfred A. Coletta (present at the meeting to address the members and guests)

County of Los Angeles; Office 16

Hubert S. Yun

County of Los Angeles; Office 20

Mary Ann Escalante (present at the meeting to address the members and guests)

County of Los Angeles; Office 63

Malcolm Mackey

County of Los Angeles; Office 67

Dennis P. Vincent

County of Los Angeles; Office 71

David A. Berger: 9 (JI: 10, Q: 8)

County of Los Angeles; Office 113

Craig Huey recommends Steven Schreiner

Various members recommend Michael P. Ribons, who has attended our meeting in the past

County of Los Angeles; Office 118

Troy Davis

County of Los Angeles; Office 126

Ken Fuller

County of Los Angeles; Office 146

Emily Theresa Spear


1) SCRW&M strongly recommends that you do NOT mail in your ballot. If you have a mailable ballot, take it to the polling place on Election Day, hand it to the staff and verify that you see them drop it into the box. There is credible concern of fraud related to mail-in ballots. See

2) Finally, DO NOT FOLLOW THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF SLATE FLYERS DELIVERED BY THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE! Read the very very fine print. These are NOT endorsed by any official Republican Party organization; they are simply advertising that the candidates pay for. Some may be legit, but many are Trojan Horses, paid for by Democrats. Don't be fooled by clever phrases like "Republican Revolution" and photos of Ronald Reagan. As one of our members demonstrated today at the meeting, one mailer titled "Democrat" an another titled "Republican" were 90% identical and obviously came from the same print shop.


Reader Comments(1)

Carmorr writes:

Not gonna happen for Cox, Travis Allen is the grassroot candidate and we are in to win!