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FDA Legalizes Marijuana for Medicinal Use Nationwide for Epilepsy

THC Derived Epilepsy Drug to be released soon

As yours truly predicted in 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration or FDA, has approved marijuana for medicinal use.

The DEA approves drugs derived from plants, rather than plants for medicinal use. But a THC derived drug means that Marijuana is no longer any more illegal than the grapes from which gallo makes wine. It is now a legitimate plant for drug manufacturers to grow.

In 2016 my source in the DEA told me:

'Listen, you and I both know that cannabis is much less dangerous, much less addictive than a lot of other Schedule II stuff that we already sell, such as Oxycontin. Why don't you just let us go ahead and sell a few products, THC extract, TBD oil, so we can all make some money. Instead of all these small time weed clinic guys with their dispensaries banking the cash, let us bank it. The side effects are probably not nearly as bad as other drugs like Oxycontin. Because they're not the result of chemists committing unnatural acts with molecules. And a few years from now, when you need a job, you can come work for me.' I'm certain that's how it works (with my superiors)."

He's a tall man, a tall blue eyed DEA lawyer. I'll call him "Deep Throat." He met with me on condition I not write anything that might compromise his identity, because he was not authorized to speak to the press. I read him questions from readers, and he answered them over filet mignon and wine.


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