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  • FDA Legalizes Marijuana for Medicinal Use Nationwide for Epilepsy

    Stan Geene, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 28, 2018

    As yours truly predicted in 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration or FDA, has approved marijuana for medicinal use. The DEA approves drugs derived from plants, rather than plants for medicinal use. But a THC derived drug means that Marijuana is no longer any more illegal than the grapes from which gallo makes wine. It is now a legitimate plant for drug manufacturers to...

  • Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease, Anthony Bourdain Decided to Quit Rather Than Fight

    Stan Geene, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 11, 2018

    Anthony Bourdain's suicide on June 8th followed his diagnosis with Parkinson's Disorder 3 or 4 months ago, according to multiple sources. "3-4 months ago I posted that I thought Anthony Bourdain was showing signs of a neurological illness (Parkinson's) and may be why he committed suicide. So sad. Bourdain was a brilliant tv story teller," said one close associate on social media. It didn't help that Bourdain had recently been dumped by actress Asia Aregento. The Italian bombshell decided she...

  • Wolfgang Puck to Replace Gladstones for Fish on Sunset Beach

    Stan Geene, Observer Staff Writer|Apr 9, 2018

    LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Wolfgang Puck, Architect Frank Gehry, and some rich dude behind an LLC called "PH Beach," will soon replace the Gladstone's for Fish restaurant on the beach, with a much, much more expensive place. "Today the LA County Supervisors cleared the way for negotiations to begin on a concept design for a new beachfront dining destination to be designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry and operated by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck at the current Gladstones restaurant...