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By Stan Greene
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John McCain To Resign Senate Seat on the 4th of July, Says Aide. Cindy McCain Offered his Seat

Former Republican Nominee for President wants to avoid a defeat for Trump's SCOTUS nominee


Rob Schumacher/The Republic

Cindy McCain has been offered her husband's Senate seat

Senator John McCain will resign his US Senate seat on July 4, 2018, says an aide who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

"In the end, it was about Kennedy resigning from the Supreme Court," said the aide. "Confirming a (SCOTUS) replacement before the election is considered in the interest of the national Republican party, so that it doesn't become an issue for Dems to run on in every race," said the aide, meaning every race for Senate or Congress.

The Aide indicated that the Senator wanted to wait until June 1 to resign, so that his seat would not be on the ballot along with retiring Jeff Flake. Republican Gov. Doug Ducey will appoint a Senator to serve until the 2020 election.

The aide said that Ducey has quietly offered McCain's seat to Cindy, but the 64 year old wife of Senator John McCain has made no decision as of yet. "Understandably, she doesn't want to think about it," he added.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was disgnosed with a brain tumor in July, 2017. The 81-year-old symbol of "never-Trump" Republicans, has not been seen in the US Capitol since December.

"If McCain leaves office before May 30, the Post indicated, his Senate seat will be on the ballot in Arizona in November 2018, as will that of his retiring junior colleague, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake. After May 30, the new senator - who would be appointed by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey - would serve through 2020."

Speculation on who would replace the Arizona Senator has become a DC parlor game, almost. The Washington Post reported that a list of possible successors is circulating in the whispering Republican class, and includes McCain's wife, Cindy McCain, and former US Sen. Jon Kyl.

Political commentator Meghan McCain with her dad, John McCain

In March, White House communications aide Kelly Sadler said that the party didn't need to worry about Senator John McCain's opposition to President Trump's nominee for CIA director because "it doesn't matter, he's dying anyway." A week later, deputy press secretary Raj Shah said in a statement: "Kelly Sadler is no longer employed within the Executive Office of the President."

Under normal circumstances one would expect the White House to quickly fire an aide who mocked a senator battling brain cancer, but that's not what happened. Sadler made the remark nearly a month before she was fired. Meghan McCain, the senator's daughter, said that Sadler called her to say she was sorry and promised to apologize publicly as well, but never did.


Reader Comments(36)

CactusPatriot writes:

?If this jerk was not authorized to talk to the press, why did he. And who slaps his wrist?

CapnCarl writes:

Well, it’s July 5th, and no resignation. Greene, maybe you should have done a follow up on your Chupacabra story, instead of this one.

Osocampana writes:

This guy has been a cancer to those around him his entire life, from the deaths of those on the Forrestal that he caused to the Secret Intel he provided his captors which cost many US pilots lives. This guy isn't dying fast enough in my opinion.

durabo writes:

If Gov. Ducey appoints Cindy McRino to the Senate, he shall have fragmented what is left of the GOP in Arizona.

Archtx writes:

About time!

Victorygrl writes:

Most of the comments here are truly heartless and cruel. John McCain served his country with honor, can any of you say the same. I like to think of Senator McCain as a Republican with a conscience.

DebG writes:

we don't say his name's wife? Uh. No. No more of no name's family or his values.... You either do the job you were elected and promised to do or get out of the way! Sick of these RINOs and obstructionists! Just saying that no name looks awfully healthy for somebody who was supposed to have terminal brain cancer for so long...hmmm

Jesus writes:

Cindy McCain has absolutely no qualifications to be a US Senator. She needs to sit down and keep her mouth shut.

DJL1962 writes:

Please Arizona you can do so much better than another McCain.

AzFrist writes:

First off let me say I’m from Arizona. Second, off, let me say Cindy McCain is not a good choice for his replacement. She only mirrors his rino, hypocritical, Anti American. ways

DaveZ writes:

I’m just here to read the comments of the party of family values, civility, and Christian morals, as they lay into a victim of brain cancer...

Gramato9 writes:

Shame on all of you. I guess none of you have made bad choices, and learned from them, or dwell on regrets. Have any of you walked in his shoes,? Re. In re: to his personal life. Reading stories of supposed behaviour, actions or reasons. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, No-one, and it's not anyone's business. He's human. Lastly read the Bible about judging anyone. God don't like UGLY. Wow all you holier than thou.

Dalton writes:

My husband grew up in Arizona - in a staunchly Republican household, he even worked as a Page while in college, he said that MCCain was a hot headed psychopath from the start, and after Keating 8 Bank fraud he was involved in he was also obviously criminal, now we learn he was behind weaponizing the IRS with Obama...I lived in Arizona for 20 years, because of my employment I was talking to people constantly and no one would admit to voting for McCain. My guess is the voting machines must have been rigged...McCain - good riddance !!!The world will be a better place when you are gone.

Josie writes:

McCain, Rino of the first order. Sorry about his health issues & sorry I ever voted for him. However, I’m not sorry to see him step down. He was an embarrassment ever since his own run for POTUS.. His seat should not go to his wife. No one elected her. His seat needs to go to whoever the citizens of Arizona elect.

Psychic writes:

I am very happy that he is stepping down from office I don't think that his wife should take his position he is a disgrace to the Republican Party I myself am very disappointed you fooled me I voted for him just to find that he is a traitor

ajmc writes:

John McCain isn't the only traitor. All of those who willfully voted for him are as guilty as he is, for his efforts to destroy our constitutional republic. And for those who believe in 'our' (sarcasm) form of government, think about the hideous choices we've had for each presidential election over the past 60 years. The Darwinian predators make sure that whoever is elected will take their orders. Otherwise, he/she is not the candidate for either major political party. McCain was nominated, specifically to ensure the election of BHO.

Nurse writes:

Well...when pow McCain came home from Vietnam he was upset his wife had gained weight...he soon met his current wife Cindy when he went to a meeting in Hawaii. Had an affair with cindy and divorced his wife....I haven't cared for him since...

tomshoemaker writes:

As a native Arizonan and a lifetime Democrat, I am sure many of the hostile comments here come from outsiders. I did not always agree with Senator McCain's positions, but I deeply appreciated his basic 'Arizonan' approach. We are not the same as Ohio or Alabama Republicans. We are a vreed unto ourselves, whether outsiders understand it or not.

Pgaley writes:

29-07-67 McCain, pilot of A-4 Skyhawk on Forrestal, in un-gentlemanly rivalry, 2 insult the pilot behind, in an F-4 Phantom, produced a wet start or flame-out, by injecting a superfluity of kerosene, but w delayed ignition, the flame-out then set off the launch of a Zuni rocket, from the wing of the F-4, which instantly impacted Lt. Cdr. John S. McCain III's, A-4 Skyhawk, rupturing the Skyhawk's 400-gallon external fuel tank, resulting in a conflagration which set off explosions, killing 134, 161 were injured, beside destroying 21 aircraft and costing $500 million reckoned in today's money, . . .

devan writes:

The last 2 paragraphs were completely irrelevant to the story and included solely as a jab at the Trump administration. And the media wonders why they have lower approval ratings than used car salesmen....

CornCod writes:

Worst US Senator in about 150 years. Some foolish people think that because he served in Vietnam and was captured that gives him some kind of license to be a warmonger and establishment stooge.

Carl writes:

Good riddance to the worst 'public servant' in the history of Arizona, or possibly the country.

maxconrad writes:

It's about time. Open his office windows and light a match.

Cwon14 writes:

The whole husband merges office held to wife is horrible precedent. We're a Republic and we should act like it. He isn't the Duke of York but a Senator from Arizona.

scarecrow writes:

I take strong offense at the term “songbird” applied to John McCain. Was the commenter a POW in Vietnam? Was he even in the service? This was a shameful comment.

Glint writes:

Thank you for your service and for standing down. You should have done so 9 years ago.

Amber writes:

That's an odd day for retiring. I wonder if it means anything? I hope his wife isn't appointed, it would be the same as him being in office. The time for this traitor to step down has long passed. He needs to be behind bars.

Patriot writes:

GOP lemmings want a trump yes-man, fearful and thoughtless. McCain is what makes America great not trump (private bone spurs) and never sang nothing but disinformation. We need moderates whom has a brain and the testicular fortitude to put country over party.

THEi4corridor writes:

No more psuedo-Republicans

Sportsfred writes:

Trump could only hope to be the man McCain is McCain never had bone spurs

WRL writes:

Thank GOD the Saigon Song Bird will finally be gone for GOOD. Amem

Thankful writes:

The dates are correct. Read in context.

Herebyproxy writes:

We will finally be rid of this rino. Hopefully his wife will not take his place. Being a POW does not entitle one to a Senate seat. Maybe we will get a conservative representing Arizona finally.

PHC writes:

Thank you for your service and sacrifices! Bless you!

minicoop writes:

God bless you sir,thank you for your service to our country. You are a man with courage, strength and values, may we all strive to be half the man you are. God speed

MattSkosh writes:

I think you need to edit this article to replace June 1 with July 1 and May 30 with June 30.


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