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"Our London, Munich, Paris and New York Offices are All in WeWork buildings"

Why WeWork Works for London Based Lawrence Harvey, Recruiter for

Max Fronicke is a Sales Force recruitment executive with Lawrence Harvey. Lawrence Harvey is a "headhunter" for (stock symbol CRM), with offices in 4 countries and 5 cities. Last year they placed 700 candidates with CRM in 25 cities across the world.

We sat down with Max recently to ask about his experiences. He told us:

"Working with North American clients to help with http://www.SalesForce.Com staffing is my area of expertise. I'm from London, and Lawrence Harvey asked me to open a West Coast office here in Los Angeles.

We recruit IT professionals, who have the skills needed at We recruit from life sciences and health care and within the energy spaces also.

Our London Offices, and our offices in Munich, Paris and New York City are all in WeWork buildings. That way, we have a communal office and in effect have infrastructure support. It's quite difficult to do all that on your own.

Sales Force is a CRM technology. Marc Benioff is one of the major names behind it.

CRM system allows your sales team in the cool sector, to track all the records and all the profiles create a profile for them, and you have the ability to respond, and you're not using the data.

It can help track data and use AI to specifically target customers more effectively. CRM has been around for 30 years, is 25 years old, It's a really impressive business. They grow by 10-15% a year.

Many technology businesses emphasize youth above all else, but this is not necessarily true in Sales Force. Age and experience are very beneficial. Often the older guys (and gals) understand business, the business process.

Certain companies will train a person to work on the Sales Force platform, because they know it's a superior platform. Often our candidates have learned these skills online.

Unlike Amazon, which charges for AWS certification; Sales Force certification or "trailheads" are free. CRM awards 200-250 badges, certifying that the recipients have an understanding of how Sales Force works and how to apply it effectively.

There are now 20 plus certifications, and each one also comes with increased credibility and salary.

This one is more about empowering people's work force, rather than taking their jobs away. As an employee it's about automating people's jobs, but in that you can create new jobs for people.

Those cold calls should always be much more targeted. Using Sales Force allows an account executive understand because you've bought herbal tea in the past, now you might like chai tea. In sales, such information is everything.

Why WeWork

As a pilot office, we found ourselves 5000 miles from our Headquarters in London. So for us it was important to take a cohabited space with technology support. That was our #1 requisite. Our #2 is a creative environment

For new employees like me, I've made friends and I network with many of the other professionals who maintain offices at WeWork. If an employee isn't happy, I'm going to be on the first plane home.

And we have met clients that we'v e met in the WeWork building, which is a benefit we didn't foresee.

A 4th reason we're at WeWork is that we don't have to sign a long term lease. And we have the opportunity at all times to scale up or down. We've changed offices and we've moved to a different bigger office. Our team grew from 3 to 12. We can do it all here.

We've hired local college grads as part of our expansion module. The same social opportunities that attracts people to major corporations like the Googles of the world apply to our small group here.

Plus we use the meeting rooms when clients come to visit us, and good conference facilities when clients come to visit us.

Having high quality makes our brand more successful.

I should mention that we are actively hiring young graduates. Anyone interested should visit our website,, to get a feel for our brand.


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