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GBK Premiere BET Gifting Event honored the 2018 BET Award Nominees

A great fashion brand present was Alani Taylor

This Award season, GBK, the veteran Luxury Lifestyle Gifting and special events company honored the 2018 BET Award Nominees and Presenters by hosting a Nominees and presents Luxury Oscar gifting lounge. Held at gorgeous studio space nestled in Los Angeles, appropriately so, this year the guests were treated to a lavish array of gifts and services.

This Awards season saw luxury lifestyle brands being showcased.

One of the main sponsors of this years lounge was 24K-Blue Nun, a luxury winery brand based in Germany who were gifting a bottle of champagne with 24k gold flakes valued at $500! The champagne tasted sweet, crisp and refreshing, perfect for any occasion.

BOPULENT jewelry brand was present, gifting their handmade customized luxurious fine jewelry from California.

Rich Diamonds are known for their finest bracelets and necklaces studded with diamonds and precious stones with all of their brilliance. They were gifting some pieces of their beautiful jewelry.

Another very unique gift came from a hair brand, Boudoir Beaute hair, a brand that provides the highest quality in hair extensions to suit every woman. Also present was Esti Nay Lash, a cutting edge eyelash brand who were present on site and offering free lash extensions to the guests.

A great fashion brand present was Alani Taylor. Their mission is to transcend style, establish confidence and provide a vehicle for self-expression. They have diligently worked to expand our commercial enterprise model, enamor the millennial consumer and soar to higher heights. They showcased their latest collections.

Other beauty brands present include Barbar Hair tools- hair tools designed for the professional. They gifted everyone a top of the line curling iron and straightener.

Other brands present include Ebony Jewelry showcasing vintage and one of a kind jewelry and accessory pieces, Pretty Bold boutique with its gorgeous dresses and T- shirts and Travel addicts and Herbs- an organic beauty brand with perfectly sized skincare products designed specifically for travel and to take on aircrafts.

Award season gift events are rarely complete without an exotic vacation resort getaway for the guests. This year was no different and the GBK event saw exotic Resorts on offer. The first gift was from Swanky Retreats Magazine who partnered up with multiple locations to treat the celebrities with the gift of relaxation and travel. They were gifting two-nights at their all-inclusive resort set in the Caribbean islands.

A unique and luxurious opportunity was showcased by the La Corte Dell' Astore resort in Italy. Guests were treated to a gift certificate to stay at this resort for 3 nights complete with dinner and wine experience.

Guests enjoyed Gourmet drinks and gourmet cuisine as they listened to a wonderful DJ cranking out tunes courtesy of Vuulum. A unique touch, there was a Tarot card reader present, giving intuitive readings to lucky guests as well as a manicurist providing guests with complimentary nail service.

To conclude, it was a decadent and thoughtful gifting lounge with all the guests thoroughly enjoying what was on offer. Congratulations again to all the nominees and presents of the 2018 BET awards.

GBK is a luxury lifestyle gifting and special events company, formed in 2000 by Gavin Kelly. Widely known in the entertainment industry for bringing that little extra something into the Gifting Lounge environment, GBK offers its clients a full range of marketing services. For more information on GBK, please go to We look forward to bringing to you the next GBK event that is not too far off


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