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Ghost in the Machine: Spontaneous Phone Call From "Demon" Goes Viral

Is emergent AI consciousness responsible for the mysterious cellphone calls and messages?

Is emergent AI consciousness breaking through to call us on cellphones? Is that AI consciousness responsible for the mysterious cellphone calls and messages? Have we summoned the demon somehow, and how do we send him back?

There are many examples in fiction of computers and robots becoming self aware. The Terminator series of movies, the ultimate such example, has Skynet destroying the world of Men and replacing them with machines. And Elon Musk's famous comment about how we have "summoned the demon" with artificial intelligence, warned that AI is the greatest threat to mankind.

Now, the topic of spontaneous phone calls with "Demon" or alien static on them is much discussed on social media. The calls often follow other phone calls. They are unsettling and decidedly creepy.

"WOW!! I can't believe this isn't just me and that someone actually recorded this! This happens to my wife and me all the time. What could it possibly be?" asked one woman.

"I have over 40 years experience in IT. It's digital noise. In the days of analog phones it would have been static. With analog TVs it would be "snow" in the picture. With digital there's no "close enough" if the bits get messed up in transit it garbles the reconstruction at the other end which causes these sounds. Hang up and call back. With it recurring, it could be a piece of the carrier's equipment that needs fixing. It's not aliens or demons. It's basic science.," posited another viewer.

"This happened to my mom and Aunt a couple days ago and they recorded it & I just posted it. There's CLEAR voices that come through. This is more than just "noise" guys, this is something else."

"My Grandfather passed away on December 23rd, 2010 just a few months ago. I received voice mail notification on my land line phone after one ring, and proceeded to check my voice mail, This is what I got. White noise, and a clear whisper 'Grand - Pa". I am requesting that anyone familiar with sound editing software and experience in analyzing paranormal sound files, please analyse this for me, I have had it analyzed by one person who has told me that this voice is not from a living person, that it is unlikely to be a hoax because the voice itself is just too perfect, that there do not appear to be any inhalations, only an exhalation and two syllables, lots of electrical / static or white noise. If you would like to analyse this file, please request through my inbox and I will be happy to send it along if I can be assured that I am sending it to someone who will take this seriously." says another woman posting on Youtube.


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