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Retirement Fest For Fromin's Founder Maurice Solomon Features Well, Deli Food What Else?

Celebration for Maurice Solomon, the former owner of Fromin's deli

I enjoyed a warm, low key party to celebrate Maurice Solomon's retirement from the deli business after 65 years. His partner and friend from his Cleveland days, Dennis Fromin ,will be the new owner and continue to run the restaurant.

The party was at the end of the dining room, decorated with balloons, for about 50 people. Many were old friends and customers, who reminisced and laughed. His two daughter, and granddaughter ,who worked with him for 6 years, lauded Maurice His future plans are uncertain, though he may volunteer at a hospital.

As expected, the refreshments were yummy.

Fromins offers a big menu of deli & diner comfort foods plus soda fountain, beer & wine dished out in homey digs. 1832 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403. Open till 10 PM every night. Below is the press release written by Melanie Shaevel, which contains a few details about Maurice's life:

Melanie Shaevel shares a few details: “Maurice has led a truly astonishing life. After escaping occupied Belgium during WWII, Maurice, his parents and his three siblings migrated to Cleveland, Ohio. Maurice was only nine years old.

“Three years later, at the age of 12 Maurice began working in the deli business, giving almost every penny he made to his parents to help support their family.

"Since then, Maurice has dedicated his life (even as a boy in school,) to the deli business.

“Many LA Natives know Maurice from his first deli at the Brentwood Country Mart, Marjan's, with everyday regulars such as Mel Brooks, Arnold Schwartzneggar and George Carlin. After selling Marjan's in 1988, Maurice ventured into the Fromin's family.

“Maurice has been seen behind a deli counter (or on his famous Fromin's stool) just about every single day for the last 50+ years. As he approaches 80, Maurice is passing down his crown. Although there is truly no single person more dedicated to the business, no man more generous and giving, we know that his passion will continue to shine at Fromin’s.”


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