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As New Year Begins, SMMUSD Adds "Restorative Justice Practice" to all Schools

10,800 Students Return to SMMUSD Schools August 23rd, 2018

Summer 2016 ends Thursday. SMMUSD School Year begins on August 23rd. It is often said that real estate is more valuable in Santa Monica because of our extra-ordinary schools. Well, this year they're even more extraordinarily liberal.

The District expects the number of children to stay same as last year, wrote District Spokesperson Gail Pinsker. That would mean about 10,800 students.

What's new this year, in terms of programming or personnel?

"We have two new principals in Santa Monica, Mr. Christian Fuhrer at Grant and Mr. Ryan Bourke at Rogers. We have two new house principals at Samohi, Ms. Lauren Shearer and Dr. Vivian Choi," wrote Pinsker.

"We are welcoming about 30 new teachers and many other classified employees to our schools, along with other managers / supervisors / directors. We have had construction projects at JAMS, McKinley, Franklin, Olympic and Samohi over the summer."

"We are implementing social justice standards into our curriculum district-wide and we are implementing the Restorative Justice practice at all schools, while continuing our Olweus bullying prevention program at our elementary and middle schools. We are elevating our parent engagement through workshops and outreach, along with new opportunities to get involved.

"Restorative Justice focuses on alternatives to suspensions and other punitive actions. Some of the alternatives are conflict circles and other discussion sessions."

"Superintendent Dr. Drati and Samohi principal Dr. Shelton have organized a new Latino / Hispanic parent group for Samohi that will support Latino / Hispanic student success."

"We have a great year ahead for our students, families and staff!" she wrote.


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