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A Wellness-Warrior Welcomes The Hydration Room to Santa Monica

Clientele include cancer patients, athletes, and those who merely wish to remain healthy

What exactly does that mean? Is this a new place to get filtered water? No, it's not a water refill station. Is it a floatation tank? No, you don't get wet here. Is it a place to achieve homeostasis, recover from illness, reverse aging and get relief from pain, stress or nausea? YES! How is this possible?

Humans are comprised of approximately 75% water. It's critical that we are properly hydrated. Most of us are not. For many of us, the reasons behind our illnesses begin with dehydration. We know this. Now let's take that concept a step further.

Think about going to a hospital... Or imagine you are watching your favorite drama... "She's lost a lot of fluids. We had better get her hydrated with an IV STAT!" But now imagine an IV in your arm while you are "Netflix and Chilling" in a modernized, minimalistic zen space with recliners, flat screen TVs and a bevy of kind, lovely women (and of course) registered nurses floating around you like fairies, constantly making sure you are comfortable and watching your favorite shows. Then imagine a list of items to infuse into your bloodstream so you can customize your needs and desires. Sounds dreamy, right?

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the Hydration Room for the first time. It was a far cry from my recent hospitalization journey the past few months. Don't get me wrong. UCLA Santa Monica treated me so wonderfully, I didn't want to go home.

If you are a single mom like me, you know you can actually get rest and relaxation at a hospital because someone is finally taking care of you for a change. Yet constantly being disturbed for monitoring of vital signs can also be exhausting. Can we just avoid all of that and get a fix of the good stuff delivered straight to our veins?!

Cut to... THE HYDRATION ROOM. I would describe it as "A healthy hospital."

As a Wellness Warrior, I (like many Santa Monicans) am always on the hunt for organic, holistic, NON-GMO, grass-fed, wild-caught, gluten-free everything, looking for the best products and services that adhere to the highest standards.

Hydration Room meets and exceeds our needs by offering a list of 16 different IVs (including Immune Support, Stress Rescue and High-Dose Vitamin C). They also offer 11 shots on their "Injection Therapy" menu (including a B12 Boost, a Longevity Injection and a Custom Shot).

From their IV THERAPY list, I opted for their SKIN HEALTH "Get Glowing" for $185. As the menu describes, it "Hydrates your skin from the inside out, reduces acne flare-ups and receive an all-natural skin glow." I can honestly report that the next day my skin was definitely glowing like a celebrity on the red carpet or a pregnant woman in all her glory. Even my shoulders were shiny! That didn't last more than a day or two, but if you need to look amazing for a special occasion, this is definitely a "Must Dew."

During my session, I will admit that I experienced some itching and sneezing. I tend to do that sometimes, but we all experience unique reactions to procedures. The IV had to go into my hand- which was painful and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the show on Netflix totally took my mind off of it. Despite my discomfort, if I had something important I wanted to look my best for, I would definitely do that again.

The Hydration Room has been around for several years, 4 locations in Orange County, and now we finally have one here in LA. A good percentage of their clientele include cancer patients, patients with crohns, lymes, lupus, athletes, and those who merely wish to remain healthy. Many flock to HR for fatigue, mood elevation, cold and flu, fitness recovery, immune support, GI health, hangovers, malabsorption and of course, the usual suspects; stress and anxiety.

From what I have heard and read from many doctors over the years, is that high-dose Vitamin C can help cure so many diseases and even mental illnesses, we should all be on a regular drip. And if you sign up for a membership plan, they will reward you with 10-25% off! I for one, think it should be part of my monthly wellness regime. . . How about you?

Hydration Room is at 1007 Montana Ave in Santa Monica


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