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Hack Your Life - Tech Products That Will Free You From Your (Antiquated) Desk!!!

Viva La Revolution people! The chains of working at a dreary antiquated desk in an obsolete office have become a memory of the past!

43 percent of working Americans occasionally work remotely and over a third of workers would change jobs for the opportunity to do so, according to Gallup's "State of the American Workplace" survey. Fighting the establishment and working remote saves both time and money. Remote jobs site FlexJobs estimates that working from home can save you as much as $4,668 a year!

So raise your fist and shout: "I deserve a better life than one locked in a box!"

And the Revolution is building! FlexJobs and Glassdoor recently conducted a study to determine the highest-paying remote jobs; the result was a surprising. A number of traditionally high-paying roles have evolved into telecommuting opportunities. That means that highly-trained workers such as doctors and architects can make six-figures working from their couches! ;-)

So here are some tech products that we've recently fallen in love with as we've traveled around the world doing our job, not from an obsolete office but out there on adventures. These are products that will free you from from the chains of a cookie cutter life!

So Viva La Revolution people, Viva La Revolution!

Google Home ($129.99)

You might have read our Voice-First article a few weeks ago (and if you haven't you should!)! Well, we're lucky enough to be exploring this technology Hands On (or should we say Voice On...) with our Google Home!

Yes, we get it you might be scared the robots are going to take over, but that's how people used to feel about electricity, the horseless carriage, and telephones... get over it!

Because Voice-First technology is absolutely the coolest thing ever! Ask your Google Home questions. Tell it to do things. The opportunities are endless. It's like a regular assistant, but with a more robot-y voice.

Just start with "Ok Google" and it's ready to help you get things done. The more you use your Assistant, the better it gets across devices. With a simple voice command, play songs, playlists, artists, and albums from your favorite music services like Spotify, Pandora, or KCRW.

Voice-First technology can improve your life everywhere! Google Home lets you get help from your Google Assistant with tasks around the house. All you have to do is ask and it will wake you up in the morning, set multiple timers while you're cooking, and help you keep track of your shopping list. Looking for a night to chill? Spend a night in with interactive storytelling (aka Choose Your Own Adventures). Earplay Stories are designed to draw you into new worlds with minimal distraction.

It's a brave new world, go take advantage of it! ;-)

Raspberry By Blue ($199.99)

Podcast anywhere with a mobile vocal studio in the palm of your hand! Raspberry by Blue is the ultimate mobile USB microphone for voice and instruments. The perfect solution for those looking to voice-over, stream, skype, or create music somewhere other than the traditional studio. Unlike other portable mics, Raspberry was specifically designed as a premium, portable USB/iOS microphone for capturing 24bit/48kHz audio anywhere, from home to hotel.

Fostered by Blue's illustrious studio heritage (who calls bands such as Imagine Dragons their friends), Raspberry delivers dramatic, studio-quality sound directly to your PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Raspberry's new patent-pending Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) design resembles treatments found in studios and concert halls, focusing your voice or instrument when minimizing the sound of the room. Onboard professional controls include a headphone jack and built-in volume control for effortless live monitoring, along with microphone gain (sensitivity) and mute. And, the mic folds up into the integrated stand for extra protection and easy transport. The the endgame: professional sound quality everywhere you go. Available at Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

The Posture Stand ($74.99)

This one's the Bomb Diggity! Now you can turn ANYTHING into a desk! The Posture Stand by Back Pain Help gives you the freedom to take your tablet or laptop to another location, whether it be sitting on the couch or outside, all while maintaining proper spinal alignment and good posture to alleviate back pain. The Posture Stand is a lightweight portable and foldable laptop stand and standing desk converter (standing desk are a HUGE thing in the creativity world, and were utilized by founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson!). With 360-degree rotating legs, adjustable height and table angle, it allows you to bring a screen much closer to your natural eye level to reduce prevent slouching, eye strain and 'tech neck.' ​The Posture Stand can be used with laptops up to 17"​, tablets, e-readers, books and more. With lightweight aluminum frame and zinc alloy joints it is able to withstand load up to 110 lbs. There's cooling holes for ventilation and folds flat for transport and storage. So get standing and let technology crane neck be a thing of the past!

Dragon Anywhere ($149.99)

Back in the day, writers used to sit at their desk, to write.... Haha! Not anymore with Dragon Anywhere! It's like bringing your personal secretary with you wherever you go! Dragon Anywhere is professional-grade mobile dictation that makes it easy to create documents of any length and edit, format and share them directly from your mobile device, whether visiting clients, a job site or your local coffee shop. Our friend comedian Dan Nainan recently wrote an entire book while walking and driving using Dragon Anywhere! Perks include: continuous dictation and no word limits and a 99% accurate with powerful voice editing and formatting. After you're finished share documents by email, Dropbox, Evernote and more. Available on Android and IOS in the US and Canada. So stop staring at that first page of your Great America novel in your stuffy house, and go write it while sunning on the beach!

Kat Thomas is the Editor in Chief of Edible Skinny, a site dedicated to making your life postcard worthy. She is also the CEO of the creative media company This Way Adventures. You can find more about both brands at


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