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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Office Announces She Has Pancreatic Cancer. US Supreme Court Fight Looms

Speaking privately, a law clerk says the Justice's Cancer has come out of remission

Update: Stricken with Pancreatic cancer, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg seems set to retire from the Supreme Court.

Editor's Note; We first posted this story in September, 2018. Sadly we were correct, as Justice Ginsburg underwent surgery on December 15th to remove a cancerous growth from her lungs. We are reposting it since so many people contacted us to ask if it was true that she has pancreatic cancer, which sadly, it is. She

While the Nation is preoccupied with the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, it appears there will soon be another vacancy on the US Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had a re-occurrence of malignant melanoma, she has told her law clerks. Ginsburg was treated in 1999 for colon cancer and had surgery in 2009 for pancreatic cancer.

She has told key Democratic members of the Senate about her medical condition, including ranking Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein. This explains in part the "take no prisoners" attitude of the Democrats during the Kavanaugh nomination, carefully orchestrating weak 37 year old allegations against Kavanaugh by Women he barely remembers knowing in High School and College.

Kavanaugh is a player in this drama. He's in the wrong place at the wrong time . President Donald J Trump will be replacing Notorious RBG, the lovechild of the left, and so will remake the Supreme Court for a generation. The Democrats simply must win back the Senate in November 2018, progressives feel.

Ginsburg, 85 was appointed by President Bill Clinton and took the oath of office on August 10, 1993. She is the second female justice (after Sandra Day O'Connor) of four to be confirmed to the court (along with Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who are still serving). Following O'Connor's retirement, and until Sotomayor joined the court, Ginsburg was the only female justice on the Supreme Court. During that time, Ginsburg became more forceful with her dissents, which were noted by legal observers and in popular culture. She is generally viewed as belonging to the liberal wing of the court. Ginsburg has authored notable majority opinions, including United States v. Virginia, Olmstead v. L.C., and Friends of the Earth, Inc. v. Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc.

Ginsburg was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Russian Jewish immigrants. Her older sister died when she was a baby, and her mother, one of her biggest sources of encouragement, died shortly before Ginsburg graduated from high school. She then earned her bachelor's degree at Cornell University, and was a wife and mother before starting law school at Harvard, where she was one of the few women in her class. Ginsburg transferred to Columbia Law School, where she graduated tied for first in her class.

Following law school, Ginsburg turned to academia. She was a professor at Rutgers School of Law and Columbia Law School, teaching civil procedure as one of the few women in her field. Ginsburg spent a considerable part of her legal career as an advocate for the advancement of gender equality and women's rights, winning multiple victories arguing before the Supreme Court. She advocated as a volunteer lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union and was a member of its board of directors and one of its general counsels in the 1970s. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter appointed her to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, where she served until her appointment to the Supreme Court.


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Anonymous writes:

It looks like your source was pretty wrong...

Ginsberg writes:

I wish that I had stepped forward as the American that co-conceived: “The Americans with Disabilities Act” sooner. So very sorry that I did not. Sending heart-felt best wishes to you and to your family. Mitchell J. Rappaport Fishkill, N.Y.

Patrick writes:

Thank you for trying to destroy our Constitution. Now please retire or die.

logic writes:

Justice Ginsburg is very ill. Another Justice appointment inevitable and soon. Bad news for the left.

Sandyfeet writes:

Thank you Ruth Bader for spending your entire life serving in our country’s government. You have worked continuously serving the American people by making the best possible choices for “We the People” from the very start. You were also the 2nd woman to be in the Supreme Court. All women and some men realize how hard it must have been for you to battle white male supremacy for so long. You have given us (women) the courage to be in office as we are now and as we will flood the gates of government in 2020. You were known as the “The Justice of Love” and “The Justice of Love for Our Earth”. You were way before the time of so many people in our government today. Many of them have barely been in government at all and rarely even understand the meaning of Justice for All. Thank you, Your Honor, for your leadership in Federal cases for so long. I honor you and am inspired by you, From so many of the American People🇱🇷

BWMAGA writes:

Why is it Libs (RBG) and RINOs (McCain) always refuse to let go? It’s like they seem to believe they are holding the country together when the exact opposite is true. She is obviously suffering from dementia, she’s frail and sick and unable to perform her duties and she’s unable to even stay awake through a hearing or hour long SOTU address. Someone needs to verify a pulse because I believe the Dems have had her stuffed and motorized attempting to hang on to her seat.

SKoch writes:

RBG reads and believes her adoring press accounts. She believes she is that important to the well being of the USA. Obama was jealous.

19Commander11 writes:

Oh no! Does this mean there is not enough time to impeach her?

Gypo writes:

Uhh....this is January 2019

jonsie writes:

For the sake of the nation, she cannot retire (or expire) soon enough.

MisterGoldiloxx writes:

QUOTEGinsburg was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Russian Jewish immigrants.QUOTE (you won't let me use actual quote marks...) THERE is your Russian collusion involving a President, and his name is Bill Clinton!

MaryM writes:

The dishonorable Ruth Bader Ginsberg, no advocate for women or girls advocated lowering the age of consent to 12 years old and legalizing the prostitution of children of that age. She is no icon worthy of admiration or respect. She is a self appointed wannabe elite if the Marxist plantation slavery state. Vile Ruth Bader Ginsberg will be burning in hell. I can not feel sympathy for such a despicable person

Rick writes:


DorseyfromTexas writes:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg never thought Trump would win, or she would have retired while Obama was president. I don't agree with all her views, but I respect her and thank her for her service.

gbdaly writes:

#RBG retirement overdue - inexcuseable long stay motivated by @SenateDems @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer for votes is cruel, selfish, pathetic, and desperate+disgusting example of elder abuse by #democrats #liberals #radicals @POTUS can nominate new #SCOTUS - let this woman relax with her family, friends and loved ones during her final years, months, days, whatever - this was the lowest thing #democrats pressured dedicated legendary SCOTUS RGB to do, shame on them for creating this pressure on her

AnnieL writes:

I can't wait until this woman is gone. Back in September, before her broken ribs & lung cancer surgery, she did an interview in public. A person attending the interview reported the following... Ginsburg’s poor health was disturbing and impossible to ignore. She struggled to even hold her head up. The two-time cancer survivor also appears to weigh no more than 70 pounds—a minor fall could easily result in a life-threatening injury with her lack of bone density. In addition to these physical maladies, Ginsburg displayed clearly diminished mental faculties, taking ages to answer questions, unable to give anything beyond very simple answers, and frequently losing her train of thought. How could anyone feel comfortable with someone in this state making the most important legal decisions in America?

Cathy writes:

I would never wish harm or illness on anyone. I sincerely hope Justice Ginsburg recovers. With that said, it would do my heart good for her to retire! Prayers for healing! Overturn Roe vs Wade!

JDM writes:

I wonder what medications RBG is taking while working from home and ruling on Supreme Court cases. I imagine they are more powerful than Propecia. I can't think of any job in the world that would allow someone to continue working while on powerful opiate pain meds, no less a job on the SCOTUS.

Deadgayson writes:

Satan is calling the obstreperous RBG home. Two scoops, two genders, THREE Supreme Court justices. This is gonna make the Kavanaugh hearings look like a garden party.

Flyboy writes:

We can only hope that she finally does the right thing and steps down.

BARBARA writes:

she is a disgrace to the SCOTUS. Maybe 40 yeas ago she had a functioning brain but now she seems to be just totally focused on expressing left wing, Socialist/Communist opinions. As a 100% native born 4th generation tax paying American, I personally support law enforcement, our military, and the electoral college. I giddily look forward to Ginsburg being replaced by a conservative supporter of our US Constitution. To continue to take up space just to be a thorn to our POTUS is doing such an injustice to our hard working Americans. Kennedy knew when to hang it up...but, then again, he is an intelligent Irishman not a selfish Demo. from you-know-where.

JerryBrickley writes:

First, the tornado dropped a house on her. Then her ruby slippers were gjven to Dorothy. Now her feet have curled up and soon she will be processed into worm turds. Yippee!

Steve writes:

She’s out of the hospital and back to work already. She won’t retire until she’s dead

kaycee writes:

I find it wrong to wish RBG ill, but will be glad to see her off of the Supreme Court.

Conservative58 writes:

I it sad that her cancer has returned. Cancer is a horrible disease that has a cure, but the big pharma industry has blocked it. However, her recent comments against the President of the United States, along with her recent comment when she stated that all poor people should be forced to have abortions, indicates the necessity for her retirement. Her previously stated association with the radical leftists ACLU explains a lot about her opinions. I find it appalling that some are cheering the return of her cancer and her pending demise. May God have Mercy on your souls! Her replacement, with someone that abides by the US Rule of Law and the US Constitution as a basis for her opinions, would surely be advantageous to the Court and to us Citizens.

TheBattman writes:

Why is this the ONLY page in the world reporting this?

CateStoutBSED writes:

Congratulations to the SMO - your team scooped the story way ahead of any other news organization - and they still refuse to understand that when RBG's law clerks leaked, that they are YOUNG people who didn't know how to keep things quiet. Many times we have seen LEAKS out of SCOTUS because of the clerks as to how a decision was going to happen.

Delta1 writes:

We do not need a Republican or Democrat justice appointed. We do not need a Conservative or Liberal justice appointed. We do need a justice that will follow the LAW, and that LAW is the supreme LAW OF THE LAND, the US CONSTITUTION.

TrumpRocks writes:

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Go, cancer, go! Nominate Amy Coney Barrett! See how many deviant perverse acts she has performed! Libtards suckit! Go to your safe space! Drink some hot cocoa an color with your crayons, bunch a sissified snowflakes, the whole lot! #MAGA #Trump2020

Barbie616 writes:

I'm sorry that her cancer has returned and I wish her well. That being said, Ruth Ginsberg was a good Justice way back when she first started but in her later years she didn't stay neutral. She was supposed to Judge on the merits of the case according to the Constitution; not on her personal beliefs.Maybe it was the worrying about her Cancer and not a personal choice but then she should have stepped down.

RonH writes:

It is sad she has cancer, she should retire. Trump get's to pick another one ! And with a Senate majority, his pick will be confirmed.

MPD writes:

Jwest150, you call people Fascists, but don't even know they definition. Educate yourself before trying to demonize our Republic. Yes, REPUBLIC!!! here's a couple of web sites to be able to help you and your education. Https://

lawyer writes:

I wish her a speedy recovery and and an even faster retirement from the court. I met her personally and while her husband seemed to be a very nice person her views are just one sided and extremely biased. You should respect your political opponents and like Justice Scalia who was a close intellectual friend of her you should always see the person behind her. She is wrong on almost every issues all the time and her decisions have done harm to many people but respect her motivation and her conviction. She was the liberal opposite to Scalia, brilliant in her argumentation, smart but simply wrong. She should resign today as age has taken its toll and her comments about the president and her leaving to New Zealand disqualify her from the office. Still a great disservice to our nation -however she is entitled to her views. Her persistence to stay on during the Obama years has now the consequence that she will be replaced by a conservative judge. Once gain she was wrong but respect her !

Crooksrus writes:

I don’t wish her ill, but I do think her clearly ill advised comments which demonstrate her bias against the current President make it clear she is past her prime.

luvliblies writes:

Darth Vader Ginsberg stated she decides cases according to law in other nations.You could fishingfind anything that way. Clear violation of oath. Can her.

Oka writes:

Her retirement would be awesome; PLEASE tell me this is true!!!!

DARisse writes:

This explains the Left's paniced attempts to steal Senate elections with fradulent vote scams going on now ....

DARisse writes:

I'm sure the President will choose another drunk, gang raping, child molesting, junkie, thieving, adulterer who desecrates churched & temples, and defiles nuns, with a 40 year history of 'ner'do-wellism...... according to Leftists....

TonyCastle writes:

I wish her cancer well, and hopefully it makes a complete recovery. My thoughts and prayers go out to RBG's cancer. The only good juice is oven baked juice.

themountainman writes:

I wish the best for Justice Ginsburg. Thank you for your service on the court.

James writes:

RBG is an awful person who has repeatedly expressed her hate and discontent for our Constitution. Typical hypocrisy from the left swear to uphold something that she doesn't even believe in and publically condemns. It is becoming more and apparent that not only is the left wing fake news an enemy if the people but the entire Democrat party and anyone supports them supports their anti Constitutional agenda by proxy. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing and having a different point of view but when you lie on national TV, break the law and, use your power to try to manipulate and attack the Constitution you become treading ever so close to being a domestic enemy. People on the left have been burning people's personal property, their vehicles and attacking Gop members and supporters. That's why I'm no longer a Democrat!

Jwest150 writes:

Wow, what a bunch of hateful aweful people on this site. Do you people go to church and talk this way? Rewind to the 1930s and y'all would be singing the praises of Nazis. This women has done more to protect the rights of it hers than all of you put together if you lived 10 lifetimes. I may not agree with the fascists that are running our country but I don't wish them harm, I wish they gain some humanity. Democrats had 7 percent more popular vote this election and represent 40million more people than Republicans, yet we are still being ruled by a Republican minority through gerrymandering an misallocation. by the way I haven't heard one peep about the invading smallpox leprosy caravan coming to get us since the election ended. Nothing but a bunch of fear mongering lies for political gain, just like fascist do.

RedAussie writes:

Lawyers are already prepped, victims are being recruited, letters are being composed stating objection to the next pick. When that name is revealed, it’ll be added to the blank spots. It won’t matter who; the Kavanaugh debacle was merely a dress rehearsal. Count on it.

burnttornado writes:

RBG knows the SC is already stacked to the right. Her opinion no lo ger counts to hold the court to the left, I predict shes out Ps. She cant hold up her head due to severe osteoporosis- plus cancer means her bones crumble. You dont break ribs falling down unless your bones are very brittle. GOOD RIDDANCE GINSBURG!

ALS82 writes:

@Mswn27 Right! I can't find this anywhere else. I don't believe this has been fact checked.. I'm waiting.

okidoki writes:

It's time to hang up your robe, but i don't think she will, this one will have to be carried out on a stretcher, this woman's neck is no longer strong enough to hold her head up. If you think the Kavanaugh hearings was a circus, wait till the next appointee...I can't wait for the show to begin

DRSanto writes:

Please, please, please... Consider Judge Janice Brown! She's amazing and exactly what the divided Country needs at this time. Yes, I know she used to be a liberal (if you aren't a liberal when you're young, you don't have a heart, if you aren't a Conservative when you're older, you don't have a brain), but SHE HAS BEEN A SOLID, SOLID Conservative/Libertarian for decades! She's brilliant! And yes, I know she's also 70'ish years old... That's a problem, but there isn't a single person on earth promised even one more day. She could be a Conservative / Constitutional / Moral influence on this Country for many, many years to come... DRS

Wlb008 writes:

About 30 years too late. EVERY DECISION that piece of you know what made was AGAINST humanity except the vote on Gay Marriage...but that one she announced HOW she was going to vote TWO WEEKS BEFORE OPENING ARGUMENTS!

Soc12 writes:

Doctor report indicated she will be needing to retire in days due to her health... its not the fall, its what led to the fall... seizure? She can't even hold her head up, come on already...

Robertsgt40 writes:

I'm gonna party like the day songbird McCain croaked when she bites it.