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French Fries at McDonalds in Orlando FLA Are Too Salty, And So Is My Email

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This morning I had breakfast at the McDonalds at the following address: 12301 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32826

There was so much salt on the food, there is no doubt in my mind it was intentionally adulterated.  I would like to file a formal criminal complaint and receive a police report.

It is 7:37 AM Sunday March 3rd. -Adam M.D.

Plse remove me asap - Daniel, New York Times

Please remove me as well -Michael Corleone, US correspondent

Please be so kind as to remove me from your email list. Thank you-Sent from my iPad

For the love of God, delete me-Paul

Please remove us from this thread. -Olivia

(25 similar requests to be deleted, omitted).

From: Denise

Sent: Sunday, March 3, 2019 1:39:54 PM

To: Group A Reporters

Subject: Re: McDonalds.

You guys. If you reply, it goes to everyone. Just delete the thread and set everything that comes from Adam to go to your spam folder. If no one else replies, the thread will die. Adam is a serial spammer and will not be removing your name from any list; believe me, I've tried. Just set a rule to send his stuff to spam and stop replying to this thread.


From: Adam M.D. Sent: Sunday, March 03, 2019 12:33 PM


Subject: Re: McDonalds.

You are not smart people, you are stupid evil garbage.  Learn to read instructions, care about "democracy" and doing your job.  Sometime, sometime in the not so near future you will have an oath to swear, today you are useless to the world--and frankly committing crimes against humanity for not caring about what's happening.

You've never tried, neither has anyone on this thread. Four people have unsubscribed because of your idiotic antics--they "used the instructions" which are kindly posted on every email that you receive because you work for a news organization and have shown previous interest in ... "the most important news story in the universe, ever."

You morons are complaining about getting "emails in your mailbox" while children are being shot and murdered because of your inaction; see me at the gate to the abyss. "Condamnation."


Good morning. Here is the appropriate place to lodge such a complaint:

Have a nice day. Media Relations, Orange County Sheriff's Office

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