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Wanted: That Old Clarinet, Violin, Guitar, Flute or other Instrument in your Closet

Homes by Price+Hou Sponsor Instrument Drive

Scott Price and Janice Hou are hosting their second musical instrument drive from August 5th through August 16th.

Scott and Janice say they have always been passionate about music and by its unique ability to bring people of all languages and cultures together.

Scott, who has been a drummer since the age of five, believes that by collecting instruments for students at Lincoln Middle School, he can inspire local kids to use music as a form of expression and creativity just as he was able to.

Similarly, Janice, who was a former student of Lincoln Middle School, recalls her time in the school orchestra as a violinist. Through the esteemed music program, she was able to travel to Spain with santa monica high school Symphony Orchestra and play at music festivals. She hopes that with the donations, more children will be able to enjoy the gift of joy and discipline through music.  

Homes by Price+Hou have partnered with Jim Wang, the Director of Orchestras and Chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Lincoln Middle School in order to get each instrument into the right hands.

For Mr. Wang, "the Santa Monica community has always shown great support and love to all of the music programs in the district." As for Lincoln Middle School, Mr. Wang is "proud to be a part of such a wonderful community," and he knows that his students will benefit tremendously from all of the instrument donations.

If you are interested in donating an instrument, please reach out to Janice Hou by phone or by email at: or (310) 980-2848


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