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"I Dream of Genie" Tribute to Barbara Eden at The Hollywood Museum Lobby Series

Who is everyone's favorite Genie? or is it Jeanie? That all depends ....

On Wednesday August 21, 2019 from 6-8 PM The Hollywood Museum in the Historic Max Factor building, 1660 N. Highland Ave. Hollywood, hosted a tribute to the legendary and quintessential Barbara Eden, who is everyone's favorite Genie.

Barbara Eden's successful career extended more than 60 years Her NBC I Dream of Jeanie TV series was one of Hollywood's most beloved and prosperous programs on network TV with worldwide syndication

Donelle Dadigan, The Hollywood Museum's president and founder cheerful introduced some of the most popular TV and Film Icons on the stage podium before introducing the Iconic and beautiful Barbara Eden.

I was fortunate to meet many great TV/Film legends including Peter Marshall (Hollywood Squares), Don Most (Happy Days), Elliott Gould (MASH/Friends/ER/Doubt), Loni Anderson (WKRP), Leonard Maltin, (Film Critic) and Anson Williams (Happy Days)

The highlight of this evening was when a huge birthday cake was brought out, photographers flashed wildly as Donelle Dadigan, Barbara Eden, Peter Marshall and Loni Anderson hovered behind this huge yummy cake. All guests were served a generous piece of this scrumptious cake.

This elegant and interactive event was produced by Roger Neil Public Relations and The Hollywood Museums Public Relations specialist Harlan Boll.

Bewitched was the number-two show on television in 1964, and following on its heels, in 1965, producer Sidney Sheldon signed Eden to star in his up-and-coming fantasy sitcom I Dream of Jeannie that would air on NBC. After various brunette starlets and beauty queens unsuccessfully tried out for the role, Eden was approached by Sheldon, who had seen her in The Brass Bottle and had been recommended by various colleagues. Eden played Jeannie, a beautiful genie set free from her bottle by astronaut and United States Air Force Captain (later Major) Anthony "Tony" Nelson, played by Larry Hagman.

Eden played this role for five years and 139 episodes. Additionally, in eight episodes, Eden donned a brunette wig to portray Jeannie's evil sister (also named Jeannie) who lusts after Tony Nelson, and in at least one episode played Jeannie's hapless mother


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