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PCH Reopened from Temescal to Chautauqua. Traffic on Sunset in Palisades at a standstill

Leaving Pacific Palisades becomes problematic, as traffic mysteriously rerouted up hill

No one outside the Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept is sure why. But authorities are routing traffic off Southbound PCH up the hill at Temescal canyon. As the area is being evacuated, sheriffs deputies are making people move up Pacific Coast Highway at Temescal Canyon Road, up Temescal to Sunset, then south on Sunset as far as Chautauqua, then up Chautauqua back down to PCH.

At 9:50 am, the Sheriff's Dept reversed course, and started to direct traffic down to the PCH again. The PCH reopened, but one could no longer turn left at Temescal and go up the hill. Traffic was at a standstill on Sunset Blvd.


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