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Mechanical Failure Delays Start of Ice Skating in Downtown Santa Monica

No, it's not a sign of global warming, actually.

The City Council is desperate to turn this parking lot into 14 stories of expensive apartments to fund the City's Union Employee lavish pensions. A recent equipment failure turned the annual ice skating event called ice, into a 1000 or so square yards of water. So much for ice in Southern California.

This from the publicist for the annual event:

"Due to unforeseen mechanical issues, Ice at Santa Monica is temporarily closed and the Grand Opening Celebration scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 7, has been postponed until further notice. We know how much our community looks forward to Ice at Santa Monica every holiday season and we are diligently working on a solution so that we may reopen as soon as possible. We will continue to provide updated information on our website and social media channels. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to providing a wonderful, fun and memorable experience at Ice at Santa Monica."


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