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Still no answer why 100 Needles Appeared on Venice Beach

Did a cruise ship dump it over the side, or did some clinic decide not to pay to process it?

There is still no answer why medical waste appeared on Venice Beach on 11/10/2019. More than 100 needles and other medical supplies washed ashore on Venice beach Sunday morning, lifeguards said.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department's lifeguard division made the unsettling discovery "along the shoreline south of the #VeniceBeach Pier," according to their twitter account.

"At Approx. 11:30 AM today @lacolifeguards visualized a large amount of medical supplies along the shoreline South of the #VeniceBeach Pier. The the area has been cordoned off and notifications to LA Public Health Dept."

In all, more than 100 pieces of medical supplies were found, KTLA-TV reported, citing the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

It was not yet known how the items got on the beach, investigators said.

"The source is unknown and under investigation. will continue to patrol the area by land and sea to monitor for any further materials," wrote @LACoLifeguards in a tweet. "This area will continue to be monitored for the safety of public use until the investigation and cleanup are complete."

In another tweet, the fire department's lifeguard division wrote that crews would continue to patrol the area by land and sea to look for any further materials that may have washed ashore.

The story made national news and was the source of unlimited revulsion social media.


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0bserver writes:

Newsom-sanctioned free needles for all our unhoused neighbors! Nothing to see here, folks.