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New Way Forward for Immigration Reform Will End End automatic deportation and summary proceedings

The Left is good at using uplifting words to name horrible things, like a college courses on putting “Lipstick on a Pig”.

The “New Way Forward Act”. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? A “New Way”, new is always fresh and clean, right? And “Forward” is better than backward, isn’t it? Sort of like “Hope and Change”. But then it depends on what you are hoping for and what changes you want made. I may hope for a limited government, individual liberty, energy independence and a strong economy. Someone else may hope for government control of production, free college and Medicare for all. The Left counts on you thinking they hope for the same thing you do.

The Left is good at using uplifting words to name horrible things. I think there must be college courses on putting “Lipstick on a Pig”.

So, let’s look at the “New Way Forward Act”. This is what one of it’s sponsors says, “To secure the full human rights of all members of our communities, we need a “New Way Forward” for immigration justice, one that ends senseless divisions of “good versus bad” immigrants and recognizes that all communities deserve dignity, restoration and repair, not further criminalization.”

This bill would:

End mandatory immigration detention, a necessary step to ending mass incarceration of communities of color, including immigrants (notice they call them “immigrants” not illegal aliens).

End laws that create automatic pipelines to deportation through the criminal legal system by removing distorted legal labels in our immigration laws (distorted legal labels like “ILLEGAL”, like “CRIMINAL”).

End automatic deportation and summary proceedings for people who have had contact with the criminal legal system (“contact with the criminal legal system” like being arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for serious crimes. Former Ventura Sheriff Dean said there are no minor criminals in jails anymore, they don’t jail minor crimes, so this bill would prevent illegal alien criminals from being deported. Can anyone give me a good reason to keep illegal alien criminals in this country?

End practices of local police engaging in immigration enforcement and the increased over-policing of communities of color (So they want police out of high crime areas. I wonder how the law abiding people in those communities feel about that. Criminals released from prison can seek vengeance against those who testified against them without police interference).

Decriminalize migration by repealing criminal prosecution for illegal entry and reentry (So, it will no longer be a crime to enter our country. Come one, come all. Criminals, terrorists, MS13, sick, poor, whatever to prey on or be dependent on the rest of us).

Ensures that the government cannot bring removal proceedings more than five years after an immigrant (illegal alien) becomes removable (Basically, we can’t deport any illegal alien for any reason).

This bill prevents illegal aliens convicted of “aggravated felonies” (armed robbery, assault, rape, murder) and “crimes involving moral turpitude” (sex trafficking, pedophelia) from being automatically deported. And immigration judges aren’t allowed to consider prior convictions in deciding if an illegal alien criminal should be deported.

It also prevents state or local law enforcement agencies from helping federal immigration agencies. It also prevents federal law enforcement agencies from accessing criminal records of illegal aliens. Prevents illegal aliens from being entered into National Crime Databases. Citizens aren’t eligible to be excluded from databases.

But my favorite section is that illegal aliens previously deported, that would not have been deported if this bill had been in force when they were deported, can return to the United States and we lucky taxpayers get to pay for their return travel. How lucky are we? We not only get to bring back the criminals but we get to pay their airfare. Will it be coach or do we give them first class?

I try to imagine people sitting around a table and discussing this bill and thinking it’s a good idea. By what measure? As much as I disagree with illegal immigration of any kind (Call me crazy but I believe in the Rule of Law and that it applies to everyone regardless of race, religion or creed), I can understand people wanting to protect their sweet nanny or housekeeper or handyman, or neighbor but what possible justification could they have for wanting to keep illegal criminals or gangs in this country? Don’t they want their loved ones safe? I just can’t understand what has happened to people that they want to protect criminals.

I have spoken numerous times to the Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission about having the Sheriff cooperate with ICE. Every time I do I’m dumbfounded that I have to ask law enforcement to enforce the law. That I have to beg them to protect citizens not criminals. I often feel I’m living in the Twilight Zone. What I thought was real no longer is.

This bill is being supported by nearly one hundred Democrats. We all know it would never get past the Senate or President Trump, but I assure you, if a Democrat becomes President, it WILL be passed.


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Sundevil writes:

It is so funny that even Tucker missed so much of what's in it. The bill starts with them wanting detention centers to be owned by DHS only. So they should build brand new housing ( can't separate families so no jail ) for illegals while there are abundance of born citizens on the streets homeless. Border officials are allowed to detain when they see someone entering illegally but only if the arrest is not based on color. Like there are white people grossing the border illegally and they're just not getting arrested, only colored are. There is a special vulnerable 'protected class' for people that have filed 'a non-frivolous civil rights complaint'. So instead of having to know the specifics of a variable private detention center, all law suits can be made against DHS directly. So that once arrested (which they actually might prefer after that) you can immediately sue for getting arrested.