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  • California's Tyrannical Leftist Leaders Will Never End the Lockdown

    Michael Greer, Special to the Observer|May 4, 2020

    I'd rather die on my feet, then live on my knees. I've become very disheartened. The Leftist media has successfully convinced a significant number of people that it is necessary for us to be isolated for an indefinite period of time and now that the Left has gotten us locked down, they don't want to let us out. This is a perfect opportunity for them to finish Agenda 21's goals. The globalists dreams are coming true. First it was two weeks, which we all thought was reasonable because the...

  • New Way Forward for Immigration Reform Will End End automatic deportation and summary proceedings

    Michael Greer, OC Register|Feb 19, 2020

    The “New Way Forward Act”. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? A “New Way”, new is always fresh and clean, right? And “Forward” is better than backward, isn’t it? Sort of like “Hope and Change”. But then it depends on what you are hoping for and what changes you want made. I may hope for a limited government, individual liberty, energy independence and a strong economy. Someone else may hope for government control of production, free college and Medicare for all. The Left counts on you thinking the...

  • Elites Meet in Kuala Lumpur to Laud "Sustainable Development" & "Diverse Communities"

    Michael Greer|Mar 11, 2018

    The Opening Ceremony of the 2018 United Nations Habitat World Urban Forum #9 (WUF9) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia began with the raising of the UN flag and thunderous applause, costumes, dance, and singing as thousands of delegates and "high level persons" (representing 165 of the193 countries signed on to the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development) convened in the large Convention Center's main auditorium. In UN fashion, UN security guards welcomed high-level badge holders to participate...

  • Despite the Social Justice Warriors, a Climate Change Skeptic Spoke at UCLA

    Michael Greer|Dec 4, 2017

    I was surprised, pleasantly surprised, UCLA allowed the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department to have Professor William Happer speak skeptically about Climate Change at a Physical Chemistry Seminar, until I learned two Conservative Chenistry professors had to do it under the radar. Nevertheless, in a room that could hold under 100 there were at least 50 standing with many in the hall outside. I'm told there has never been such an overflow attendance for any previous seminar in the past. William...

  • Robert Spencer Tells Santa Monica Women #Republicans About #PussyHats and #VaginaCostumes

    Michael Greer|Sep 22, 2017

    The Santa Monica Republican Women Federated held their September monthly luncheon at the Beverly Hills Women's Club due to the overwhelming response to speaker Robert Spencer and the subject, "The Left's Jihad Against the Freedom of Speech". Those on the Right are acutely aware that our speech is being censored and silenced. As people arrived and gathered around tables, the talk was of how many ways our speech is being silenced. Robert Spencer began by saying if he were to name the time we are l...

  • If "The Country is Overwhelmed with Fear," Then Maybe It's Time to Limit Presidential Power

    Michael Greer, American Freedom Alliance|Jan 17, 2017

    WELCOME TO OUR WORLD Senator Diane Feinstein said, "The country is overwhelmed with fear". Well, if that were true, Senator, Trump wouldn't be President-elect, would he? But, I understand, I really do. We Conservatives know exactly how you feel. We were just as fearful when Obama was elected. But we didn't have the media, academia, Hollywood and politicians to sympathize with us. We were mocked for being fearful and told we were fearful because Obama is Black and we were racists. You spent the...

  • Morning in America, Again. The Victory of Donald Trump Recalls the Reagan Revolution

    Michael Greer|Nov 20, 2016

    It's morning in America. America won last night. Our system worked. The American people instinctively believed the country was going in the wrong direction and yesterday they said so. I don't believe we elected Donald Trump as our next President as much as we rejected a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Those who know me know I've not been a Trump supporter. He has said and done many things that concern me greatly. Yesterday, I didn't vote FOR Trump, I voted AGAINST Hillary Clinton, socialism, global...

  • Santa Monica is all Wet, Even in a Drought

    Michael Greer, Santa Monica Resident|Jul 31, 2016

    It was another day in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Santa Monica. Another day for the city to steal money from its citizens and another way to control their lives. "Drop everything! A Forum on Water and Climate Change" was sponsored and organized by a group called "Climate Action Santa Monica". As we entered the auditorium, we were handed a booklet authored by National Geographic and NPR. On the cover it said "The scientific evidence is clear: Surface temperatures on Earth are warming at a...