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Articles from the July 31, 2016 edition

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  • Illegal Alien Convicted of Chandra Levy's 2001 Murder to be Released

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 31, 2016

    Other than Monica Lewinsky, Chandra Levy is the most famous DC intern in History. But she's famous for a bad reason: Having an affair with a Congressman, Gary Condit, then being murdered while jogging in a DC park in 2001. On Thursday, July 28, the illegal alien convicted of her murder, Ingmar Guandique, was cleared of all charges by the prosecutor's office. He will soon be deported to El Salvador. Guandique's 2005 conviction was based on the testimony of his cellmate, another illegal alien...

  • Real Housewives of OC attend Event At Fashion Island branch of Grayse

    Christine Peake, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 31, 2016

    Over a hundred lucky guests got to see a stunning fashion show at the elegant Fashion Island branch of Grayse. Former Housewife of Orange County Gretchen Christine Rossi has designed a new stylish classic collection of must have purses that are available in the Grayse chain of stores as well on her own website (see link below). The show also consisted of the new must have pieces from the design team of Kelly and Marie Gray. If those names are familiar it is because they are the dynamic team...

  • Santa Monica is all Wet, Even in a Drought

    Michael Greer, Santa Monica Resident|Jul 31, 2016

    It was another day in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Santa Monica. Another day for the city to steal money from its citizens and another way to control their lives. "Drop everything! A Forum on Water and Climate Change" was sponsored and organized by a group called "Climate Action Santa Monica". As we entered the auditorium, we were handed a booklet authored by National Geographic and NPR. On the cover it said "The scientific evidence is clear: Surface temperatures on Earth are warming at a...

  • Neurological Disorders Could Be the Cause of Childhood Obesity

    Health Mexico|Jul 31, 2016

    • Mexico´s Children's Hospital "Federico Gomez" presents the first research progress about problems of development from the brain function perspective • This alteration in neuronal ducts can be treated with medication and psychotherapy A study by researchers at Mexico´s Children's Hospital "Federico Gomez" (HIMFG by its initials in Spanish) announced that there are neurological disorders that may predispose to children to develop obesity, sleep disorders, short stature or atten...