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Pornhub Removes Video After Local Mom Complains About Pornography Filmed in Ocean Park Public Library

"(Pornographers) can film at their filthy San Fernando Valley motels, but not in my kids school and library."

A young woman leads her, umm, videographer into the aisles of the Ocean Park Library. They take off their clothing in the aisles, and you can just imagine where it goes from there. But "don't be fatuous, Jeffrey."

A local mom has demanded that pornography not be shot in areas frequented by children, after an explicitly sexual video filmed at a Santa Monica neighborhood library was posted on Pornhub dot com.

The Pornhub video portrays a young woman having sex with a man, who is filming the action, in the aisles of the Ocean Park branch of the Santa Monica Public Library. The website took the subject video down after Janet McLaughlin complained.

"Where my children walk to school and study books is sacred space," says McLaughlin, a Santa Monica mom. "Would you like to have your children at the library and walk around the corner and have them see that?" she asks.

McLaughlin denies that the makers of such videos, showing explicit sex in public places, are simply exercising their rights under the First Amendment to the US Constitution. "They can film at their filthy Valley motels, but not in my kids school and library."

"Porn makes money, but not for the girls. They usually wind up drug addicted and hospitalized for injuries. And they have their souls sucked out," McLaughlin says, adding "raping a young girl fractures her soul."

Obscene speech is not protected by the First Amendment, but the US Supreme Court has struggled to codify a definition of obscenity. A 1970's era US Supreme Court case says that obscenity lacks SLAPS: "Serious Literary, Artistic, Political or Scientific merit." A few years later, the Supreme Court defined obscene pornography as film "utterly lacking redeeming social value."

Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz defended the film producers of Deep Throat, a 1972 film banned by several US States as obscene. Dershowitz maintains that each of us has a Constitutional right to watch what we want to see. He notes that he himself has never seen Deep Throat, exercising his legitimate First Amendment right not to see it.

In public debates, Dershowitz commonly argues against censorship of pornography on First Amendment grounds, and maintains that consumption of pornography is not harmful.

The Ocean Park branch of the Santa Monica Public Library is an Andrew Carnegie library. Parts of the small library building are over 100 years old.

The video appears to include only consensual, public sexual activity. Pornhub does not claim that the film makers obtained City permission in advance of the film shoot.

The video, which is VERY EXPLICIT and which you should NOT click if pornography offends you at all, may be seen by our mature ADULT readers who want to judge it for themselves and are NOT easily offended at:

UPDATE 2/17/2020: After the Santa Monica Police opened an investigation into whether the video filming violated any local ordinances, Pornhub took the video down. Pornhub's link above now reads "This Video Removed by Uploader." The video is still available on Twitter, but you will have to search for @nymphopawg to find it.


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LeftCoast writes:

So, a local Mom is outraged that two adult porn performers had brief, consensual sex in our library, out of view of patrons. Sure, it was a really dumb thing to do. But where is the outrage that the homeless (including the mentally ill and drug addicts) have taken over Santa Monica's libraries and parks, making them unsafe for our children? Get your priorities straight, Santa Monica.