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Police Car Chase Results In Shooting as Suspect Runs Across 5 Freeway

Five freeway closed in both directions as man Fleeing LASD, runs across all Lanes

A car chase across the 5 freeway in Sylmar and into the five freeway in Los Angeles resulted in sparks falling flying off the vehicle after it ran over spike strips. Then the driver pulled over on the right and ran across several lanes of freeway, onto the 14 freeway southbound where he was struck by at least one vehicle. The five freeway was closed in both directions for several hours after the chase ended at 10:15 PM Thursday night.

He then fired at least one shot at Los Angeles county sheriffs deputies, who finally arrested him. A second man surrendered from the passenger seat of the original sedan.

The 14 freeway was shut down in both directions and the action aired live on Los Angeles Fox TV affiliate. “ The suspect dumped a white powder out of his window, indicating why he may have been running from police‘“ speculated the Fox KTTV reporter


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