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Life As We Know It Ends, City of Santa Monica Continues to Give Parking Tickets

Even in the face of imminent collapse of civilization, Parking Meters continue to be enforced

If an asteroid were about to strike Earth, the City of Santa Monica would continue to give out parking citations.

The beaches are closed, the parks are closed (except Reed Park, which has 50 or so homeless people living in it). Shops are closed, restaurants can only do take out if they practice social distancing. Stores like Wasteland, Sur Le Table and Pottery Barn are all boarded up.

But our intrepid photographer risked his life and a parking ticket, to take the photo which is also posted on this page.

"I'm not touching those virus meters," said one of our readers. "Better to get a parking ticket than the virus."


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shwart writes:

I remember back in January, 1994, the morning of the Northridge 6.8 Earthquake, we were all sitting outside on the steps of our Santa Monica residential building and along came the gardeners with their gas-powered leaf blowers and the parking citation officers. And today, when we are all Pand-In, along comes the gardeners and the parking citation officers. At least the gardeners now have battery/electric leaf blowers.