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By Stan Greene
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Bus Drivers Take Risk to Work, And So Do the Passengers Under Coronavirus

But some report that MTA bus drivers have actually become nicer during the #Covid19 Pandemic


April 18, 2020


A rider on an MTA Bus in Los Angeles posted this photo of himself on an empty bus.

Bus drivers (a handful) have died from Coronavirus in New York City, Santa Cruz and Riverside County. While none as far as we know have become seriously ill from Covid-19 in LA County, the buses now require you to board from the rear and remain 8 feet away from the driver. And drivers are apprehensive, especially the ones still showing up for work.

Needless to say the Twitteratti are outraged. "I'm so mad I was on the bus couple of days ago in Los Angeles at least eight feet behind the bus driver is cordoned off and you can only get in through the back door not the front door anymore," posted one.

"The Coronavirus scare in Los Angeles and Inland Empire is f###ing crazy right now. After returning back here from Montana, they just passed a law today saying you must wear a face mask. The bus driver would not let me board until I put on my face scarf," posted another.

But some say "people are nicer" during Covid19. "I'm putting on my COVID19 face to brave the great funky, petrie dish beyond! Why I Love Los Angeles? It's SERIOUS about Social distancing. Buses are free, and there's free WiFi on buses. And there's free COVID19 testing for the compromised," added another.


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